Saturday: (07/04) Holidays like weekends don’t mean the same thing to folks who don’t work. Still, it’s nice they come around every so often. Lou and I started with our usual shopping run. Then we had granola for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were busy cleaning house and preparing for our company for inner. I pruned some tree limbs and my tomato plant, cleaned the patio and made a new cover for our sump pump basin. The old one was ready to disintegrate and kill someone. We had pork an cheese panini sandwiches for lunch. Courtney, Cecilia, and Meili joined us for dinner in the yard. BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, deviled eggs, and fruit salad. Yum!

Sunday: (07/05) More shop organizing today. I did some pruning and weeding as well.

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