Monday: (07/06) I had to be in San Jose by 0800 this morning to meet a tree crew trimming the neighbors tree. The tree is huge and covers half of our back yard as well. I parked at the house and walked through the San Jose State campus to look at all the construction projects on my way to breakfast. I stopped for a breakfast burrito at La Victoria restaurant and brought it back to the house and relaxed in Dawn’s apartment until nearly 1000 when the crew finally arrived. I cleared all the stuff around the yard from under the tree and they pruned the lover limbs to allow more sunlight in under the huge tree canopy. They finished by 1600 and i returned home. I had a super burrito from Super Taqueria for lunch. Salads for dinner.

SJ Tree Trimming 0063 SJ Tree Trimming 0065
A little sky┬ástarting to show over the neighbor, tree owner’s house. On right the worker is doing something I don’t like to do, hanging in a tree trimming on a limb.

SJ Tree Trimming 0068 SJ Tree Trimming 0071
No aerial heavy equipment was used, just ladders, pole saws and the occasional chainsaw use.

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