Tuesday: (07/14) Granola for breakfast. I spent the morning tinkering on the computer. Lou and Dawn had an exercise class in the morning then headed to Santa Cruz for the day. After a nice tuna and cheese sandwich, I finally got to work. I watered the yard since today is one of our two allowed days to water. I also trouble shot why Lou’s scooter battery isn’t charged after being on the charger. I ordered a new charger as the first response since the voltage on the battery doesn’t increase when connected to the charger. After some weeding I finally couldn’t procrastinate any longer. I unloaded the panels from the roof of the Jeep. Five OSB panels were placed on 2×4′s and painted with primer. The four siding panels will come later. I ran out of primer so I did have to make a run to OSH for more primer. On the way home I stopped at Los Altos Taqueria for a nice chili relleno enchilada dinner. Before it got dark, I painted another coat of primer on the panels. The day started out overcast then turned sunny.

Wednesday: (07/15) I was busy putting a coat of paint on the reverse side of the panels before breakfast. Lou and Dawn made fresh peach blintzes for breakfast. Then it was time for a second coat of paint. With the painting complete, I relaxed indoors tinkering on the computer until the shadow returns to the back yard. Lou made  stir fried vegetables and tofu for lunch. About 1330 I returned to work adding furring strips and backing for the new panels in the shop. BBQ ribs and baked potato with picked onions for dinner.

Thursday: (07/16) I was busy installing the wall panels. I also had finished the furring for the second wall and installed those panels. I managed to cut one small piece of paneling too small twice. Fortunately the third time was a charm. After my hike tomorrow, I should be able to start clearing the yard of all the stuff I found in the shop. I had leftover Chinese stir fried vegetables for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to the ire exercise class. Lou made bacon, eggs and hash browned potatoes for lunch. Chicken potato salad for dinner.

Wilton Shop Wall Furring 0096 Wilton Shop Tyvek Cover 0099
Ready for the Tyvek and paneling

Wilton Yard 0105 Wilton Shop Wall Furring 0108
All the shop contents in the yard. The other wall nearing completion.

Wilton Shop Tyvek On Wall 0111 Wilton Shop Wall Paneled 0112
Tyvek cover and paneled.

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