Friday: (07/31) I Palo Alto at 1545 to head south for this night hike. The hike was to start at 1845 but the early departure wasn’t in vain. Traffic was terrible even with my expert avoidance of clogged freeways. I stopped for dinner in Morgan Hill at a Jack In The Box, got gas and headed up the mountain to the trailhead at Henry Coe State Park Headquarters. The hike was a little delayed in starting but we ended up with all 23 signed up hikers. Effectively, we hiked out and down then back up and back. Dave, our hike leader, is a docent at the park and lead us on another great night hike. The park tends to be really hot during the day but quite nice at night, especially under a full moon. We hiked 8.23 miles with a 1417 feet elevation change and overall 2725 foot climb. We finished up around 2330 and I was in bed before 0100, earlier than I expected. next Blue Moon isn’t until January 1st, 2018 so I have time to rest up before that next hike.

Here is the link to my GPS track: .

Henry Coe SP Blue Moon Hike 0731151910 Henry Coe SP Blue Moon Hike 0731151920
We started with daylight. Henry Coe State Park has some steep trails.

Henry Coe SP Blue Moon Hike 0731151942 Henry Coe SP Blue Moon Hike 0731152103
We bunch up at any trail junction like above. On the right is the blue moon peeking over the mountain top.

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