Saturday: (07/11) The usual grocery shopping run to start. I got breakfast at the Walmart McDonald’s Lou just gets a coffee and eats real food later. I made a run to the Hazardous Waste station to get rid of some nasty chemicals and such. I was busy in the shop later. We had sausage and baked beans for lunch. In the afternoon we made a hardware store shopping run. Lou was looking for casters for her air hocky table and i was looking for panels to improve some of the shop walls. I’ll be returning to Lowe’s for the panels later. A nice nap filled my afternoon. Chicken with mashed potatoes and a green salad for dinner.

Sunday: (07/12) Tomorrow is Ernie’s birthday but I’m busy in the morning and we wanted to take him to breakfast so we decided to do it today. We all went up to Jack’s in San Mateo and had great breakfasts. I was dropped off at Best Buy in San Carlos after breakfast and looked in to upgrading our phones. I also looked around the Home Depot then caught the bus home. Lou and Dawn visited thrift stores on their way home. Leftovers for lunch. Not much else accomplished today. I did work on some photos getting ready to post some here. Dawn went to her story telling meeting and Lou and I went to LUU Noodle house for dinner.

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