Wednesday: (07/08) I was busy building a shelf above the hardware chest of drawers. I used some angle iron and scrwed it together with self drilling screws then cut plywood shelves for it. It is intended for more 17 liter plastic tubs to store more hardware, painting supplies, rope and cords, etc. I’ll have room for eight more tubs.

Thursday: (07/09) I made a trip to the Target store for the plastic tubs. I was busy in the shop organizing today. I also got the saw out and cut some boards for a sump basin cover for San Jose. I setup the dado blades and made rabbet cuts for groves for some metal straps to bind the cover boards together. Evidently i havent yet made dado cuts with this table saw. I had to install a sacrificial fence board and find my dado blades. Good thing I cleaned up the shop and knew where the blades were. Lou and Dawn were off to appointments.
Granola for breakfast. Leftover BBQ ribs for lunch. Lentil Soup for dinner.

Wilton Mt Donald 0083 Wilton Lou's Golden Poppy 0082
Mount Donald with Lou’s California Golden poppies.

Wilton Trimmed Mint 0081 Wilton Giant Tomato 0080
Berries and mint trimmed from the garden on the left above. On the right is our giant killer tomato plant.

Wilton Shower Pump 0079 Shop Mess 0077
Above left is the  shower pump. On the right isleftovers after cleaning out the shelf area of my shop. Hopefully most of these remnants go somewhere else.

Wilton Sump Basin Cover0074 Wilton Artichoke Flower 0072
The new sump basin cover on the left and Lou’s artichoke flower on the right.

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