Friday: (07/03) Breakfast at L&L. Jessica picked me up and we headed up the hill to meet the other hikers. We met at the Russian Hill P&R and consolidated into a few carpools for the 16 hikers. The Tarwater Trailhead can be difficult to find. That was proven again today because one of the carpools got lost on the short way there. We left a note and started the hike after a short wait.

The hike passes by an old ranch site, a creek with tar flowing, another creek with a good flow of watar, an old shingle mill site and a wonderful grandfather tree. At the bottom of the hill we met the four hikers from the lost carpool. They had walked down the reverse direction on the trail. ¬†We were supposed to met up after they had looked at the tarwater in the creek we had passed on our way down and we had had lunch by the Pescadero Creek below a bridge. We never reconnected but found a not on our car when we returned to the trailhead. Nice hike. Good thing Jessica scheduled it. Even though we were both listed as hosts and she had copied it from one of my previous hikes it was her hike since I don’t want to lead a hike yet.

Tarwater Creek 0057 Tarwater Loop Hike Face In Stump 0062
Tar in Tarwater creek. A face in a stump.

Tarwater Loop Hike Forest Framed By Log 0055 Tarwater Loop Hike Group Photo 91435949040800
The forest framed by a holy log. The counterclockwise hikers, the ones that followed the leader, me.

Tuna sandwich for lunch after I got home. I had pizza for dinner while Lou and Dawn had liver and onions.

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