Monday: (07/20)┬áThis was a hot humid day, unusual for here when I woke up. It didn’t get much better. I had the usual breakfast from L&L. Jessica picked me up and we met our fellow hikers at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. We hiked up Razorback Ridge Trail, along the the skyline on the Lost trail. This hike was led by Jonathan but was a variation of a hike I lead. After enjoying lunch Jonathan led most of the hikers out on to an exposed ridge to hike down the mountain. Jessica, Rich, Barbara and I took my usual shaded route down. It could have been a race but i botched it up. I left my hiking pole at the lunch spot and had to hike back a quarter mile to get it. My fellow hikers waited for me so we lost the race by a couple of minutes. Nice hike but we all did work up a good sweat.

Even with the cooler on, it was still 76 degrees inside. The humidity makes our evaporative cooler less effective. We all relaxed inside the rest of the day. Leftovers for lunch. Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

Don's Bright Shoes 0129
My vivid hiking shoes and and gators waiting for the morning hike..

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