Saturday: (08/22) We continued South toward Trinidad. While passing through Klamath we noticed a fair of some sort, so we stopped. It was their Salmon Festival. We enjoyed their parade and looking through the booths. I got to enjoy some very nice berry cobbler as a breakfast prelude. We continued on to Trinidad stopping at Trinidad Bay Eatery for what turned out to be lunch because it was near noon and they no longer served breakfast.  Nice lunch. Then on to Ferndale to the Humbolt County Fair. We enjoyed the crafts, art, animals, and shows. Later we got a motel room and headed out to the Samoa Peninsula to the Cookhouse, an old logging camp cookhouse, for dinner. After too much for dinner, we headed back to the motel for the night.

Klamath Salmon Festival 0822150954a Klamath Salmon Festival 0822150950
Salmon Festival parade. On the right is a home built wooden sports car, one of the cars on display at the festival by a classic car club.

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