Sunday: (08/23) We always like to visit Eureka. Breakfast at a new restaurant, the Golden Harvest. We had noticed a crowd there and tried it out. The crowd was right. We had some regular stops to make while we were here. We started with our required visit to Pierson Building Center. A nice garden center, Koi pond, and reading rooms. The hardware and tools section are the most complete we know of. We always speed┬ásome time there when nearby. Our second visit wasn’t too productive. The Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka rents out their horse barns to horse owners and they have a population of cats there that have been abandoned. A local vet keeps them healthy and the barn residents take care of them. Something happened and most of the cats were gone. We only saw three instead of 30 or so. The area is also closed to visitors and has a resident manager now. We were told that a bunch of cats have disappeared and they suspect a coyote or bobcat has been eating well. We suspect something else has happened since many of the barns are also empty. probably just new management? Such a loss. We like to visit cats but don’t want one of our own. This was one of our best spots to get a dose of cats. We also visited a couple of thrift stores and a bookstore and of course the Winco Market. Our final stop as we left town was a stop at the Loleta Cheese factory in Loleta. Then we were on the road home.We arrived home around 10pm

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