Thursday: (08/20) Breakfast at Brothers Restaurant after the short one mile walk downtown. I caught a bus back to the motel but I missed my stop. I got off at an electric bike shop I wanted to visit but they didn’t open until 1100 so I walked back to the motel. I packed my backpack and changed to a double room. Lou and Dawn are on their way. Then it was time to return to the bike shop. I, of course, took the long way looking through the neighborhood. I talked with the owner about electric bikes and test drove one I liked. Then I headed back downtown, walking, and had lunch at Louie’s, a nice chorizo soup and a salad. Then I took a bus to Medford to look around. Lou and Dawn arrived to met me in Medford. We looked around the Fred Meyers store and had dinners at McGrath’s. A final stop at the Caldera Tap Room back in Ashland for desert and we finally got back to the motel.

PCT Ashland 0820150825
Downtown Ashland

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