Saturday: (08/29) Our usual Saturday shopping run to start our day. Lou made apricot waffles for breakfast. Lou wanted to start sand blasting some metal chairs she found. I got it out but it didn’t work. Hasn’t been used in years and the nozzle was clogged by deposits, rust and ? I figured out how to disassemble it and cleaned everything up and it now works. She was then able to start cleaning down to bear metal. It will take a little while to complete them. I also pruned the wisteria plant on the arbor so it would quit grabbing and trying to strangle me. It gets vicious when it’s overgrown. Green salads for lunch I plotted a route for a new hike I’ll be leading next Friday. Now I know how long and how much of a climb it will be. Enchiladas for dinner.

Sunday: (08/30) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast.

Lou Sand Blasting Chair Parts 0830151558a
Lou was busy de-painting her chairs. I relaxed all morning and finally got to work in the afternoon. I fixed the air compressor. It had a leak on the pressure switch. I removed some paving bricks on the side yard to locate a leak in a water line that feeds all the faucets in the back yard. After confirming it was in that area I’ll now wait for the dirt to dry out some so i don’t have to play in the mud. I also repaired a lock on one of our doors. That was enough work. Enchiladas for lunch. We had dinner at the Olive Garden Restaurant.

Monday: (08/31) Blintzes for breakfast. I did my usual morning activity, little. I seem to only get going about noon.

Broken Water Line Repaired 0831151650
I got back to work on on the water line repair. I dug out and exposed the pipes. There is a clutter of them in that spot. I turned on the water again and the leak was obvious. I cut out the bad pipes and was then called to lunch by Lou. She and Dawn were in Santa Clara. I met them at the Chinese buffet there. I then stopped by the hardware store and picked up some parts to repair the pipes. Once home I installed the new piping and then spent much of the afternoon fixing the sprinkler system emitters. All the water in the backyard has been off since April. For some reason, many drip system tubes and emitters were damaged. I’ll be testing and adjusting the sprinklers for most of the rest of the week. Dinner was corn on the cob and chocolate peanut butter pie.

Tuesday: (09/01) Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. I relaxed all morning. Not too unusual. I had a dentist appointment to fix a couple of teeth this morning. That only took 20 minutes but I stretched it into a few hours. I stopped by Harbor Freight and found some sand blasting media for Lou. I also picked up a few sprinkler parts. Lunch at my Dim Sum King restaurant. I spent some time working on a website that had problems. it went down while I was on my hike and I finally fixed it. Dawn BBQ’d a steak and prepared baked potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner.

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