Tuesday: (08/04) Got off the train at Dunsmuir at 0755 3.25 hours late. I met another hiker named Gavin, from Davis.  I had intended, to have breakfast in town but didn’t see any place.  We hiked five miles down to the trail junction. I needed to fill my water bottles which I had drained to save weight. Gavin continued on and I didn’t see him again today. I did eight more miles before stopping for the day at MM1508, Burstarse Creek.

PCT Dunsmuir To Etna 0804151009 PCT Dunsmuir To Etna 0804151109
The trailhead near Dunsmuir and the 1500 mile mark about a mile up the trail.
GPS: Lat 41.182755, Lon -122.373812



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