Monday:(08/17) MM1700, a 23+ mile day. Along the trail I heard more cow bells and spotted about three cows through a break in the trees in a meadow. They also saw me, and didn’t mind. Further down the trail I came to the meadow and saw a herd of about twenty cows, all with bells on. One cow evidently was frightened by my appearance, or aroma and started running down the steep meadow. That caused the rest to run as well. This was about a 45 degree grassy slope. I certainly couldn’t run down it without hurting myself. Somehow a herd of big heavy cows had no problem doing so. I was Amazed. Interesting tune played by all the cow bells. A while later,

PCT Seiad Valley To Ashland At The Border 0817151457.xnbak
I crossed the border about 2pm. Settled into camp about 2130 with some night hiking. Saw no Nobo hikers until a while after I arrived at the border.

Interesting rock meadows More trail
Above left, interesting rock meadows. On the right, more trail

A trail angel's gift My lunch spot next to a meadow and stream
Above left, a trail angel’s gift. On the right, my lunch spot next to a meadow and stream.

More bare hills near Ashland PCT Seiad Valley To Ashland 0817151714a
More bare hills near Ashland.

PCT Seiad Valley To Ashland 0817151740a Nice trail
Nice trail

Sheep Camp Spring
Above Sheep Camp Spring, one of the many nice drinking fountains along the trail. I had dinner at Sheep Camp Spring with Armstrong. Left there at 1840 with 5.5 miles to go. Stopped at MM1700.
GPS: Lat 42.04632, Lon -122.798653

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