Tuesday: (0818) On the trail at 0715. After a short down the trail became up for about 1000 feet. The trail pofile showed a good 3000 foot drop after that but it sure seemed like a lot of up here and there. 

PCT Seiad Valley To Ashland Trail Angel 0818151039
Found some trail magic on the way and even met the caretaker (above) when he¬†stopped to resupply the magic. I scored a nice apple and a drink. I hiked much of yesterday evening and then today with Armstrong. He stopped at dark and I kept going a couple miles. He’s also faster than I am so he caught up mid morning. My exit was at Calahan’s Lodge. At the bottom of the so called trail I met some hikers headed back to the trail. Galaxy had a rented car and brought them up to the trail. I got a ride down to Ashland with him. I checked in to the Asland Motel, showered, had dinner, washed my clothes and had a swim.

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