Don on August 16th, 2015

Sunday: (08/16) Up 0600. As I was putting on my shoes Pocahontas, WonderWoman, and TrampOn, the three girls from Etna passed by. Early starters. I finished the remaining 1000′ climb then had about 5 miles of rolling easy walking. Then I dropped down to a dirt road and had another 1000 foot climb. After that climb it’s supposed to be […]

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Don on August 15th, 2015

Saturday: (08/15) Up early, breakfast at the cafe with Toucan and Bonanza. Excellent food. I waited for the Post Office to open at noon. The burrito like Toucan and Bonanza had. My meager repast, a California omelet, on the right. The town of Seiad Valley in one building. Notice the XX in a circle emblem […]

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Don on August 14th, 2015

Friday: (08/14) Up at 0600, on trail 0715. A race to town today, mostly downhill. About 1/3 steep down, 1/3 along the river and 1/3 on roads. A bypass on logs and rocks for a missing bridge. A collapsed bridge and it’s better bypass on a couple of 2×4 boards. The las of three bridges […]

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Don on August 13th, 2015

Thursday: (08/13) Passed by a half dozen NoBo (North Bound) and same for SoBo hikers. Toucan was one. Long day with increasing smoke in the air. Camped at MM1632 for a 21 miles. Only 21.5 miles to Seiad Valley. GPS: Lat 41.669908, Lon -123.251367

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Don on August 12th, 2015

Wednesday: (08/12) Off to breakfast at Bob’s at 0600. The cook hadn’t arrived so the waitress started my breakfast burrito. Back at the Hostel and all ready to go at 0711, 50 minutes early. On trail 0900. Started with SuperTramp on a ride back to the trail provided by a local trail Angel. Met Cookie and […]

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Don on August 11th, 2015

Tuesday: (08/11) Up at 0600 as usual. Tea outside as folks woke up. I rode a bike down to Bob’s for breakfast with Aquaman and Genie. One stayed at the city park, the other at the hotel. A relaxing morning chatting and wasting time. I kept checking on my the arrival of my shoes. About […]

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Don on August 10th, 2015

Monday: (08/10) Met Shameless and Pudding on the climb out from Panyes Lake. Gavin caught up to me at the top. Gavin and I hiked down to the road together and arrived at Sawyer Bar Road at 1000 where we met Cheese. I checked in to the Alderbrook Maner Inn. Took a shower and washed clothes. […]

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Don on August 9th, 2015

** Sunday: (08/09 Passed one SoBo hiker and passed by four NoBo hikers. Two of those were Alex and Dave returned from a night in Etna. I camped at Paynes Lake which , fortunately has green trees. For the past 6 miles the trees have all been burned. Tough trails too, both up and bad […]

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Don on August 8th, 2015

Saturday (08/08) Met Chopper and Chucksy and later Just Dave and Alex. Dave and Alex had a plan. They were hurrying down to the highway 93 to hitch into Etna for the night and some beer from the local brewery. Then they will hitch back and hike another 22 miles to do it again at the […]

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Don on August 7th, 2015

Friday: (08/07) On trail 0715. Met Huff and Puff and Paul from UK. Also met Mr Puddles (Canada) and Better Half, Crazy “A”s and Hendricks two solo NB hikers. This section, without too much up and down, was really smoky with clouds above so not a good solar day. Made it to highway 3 at […]

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