Friday: (08/28) The usual L&L sausage, egg and cheese English muffin breakfast. I picked up Jessica on the way to meet the other hikers at Sanborn County Park. We hike about a 1/2 mile on the road to another trailhead then up to the top of the mountain on the new Bay Area Ridge Trail segment. Then along the Skyline trail and down the San Andreas trail back to our cars. A nice 9.6 mile hike on a rather warm but nice day with a nice group of fellow San Jose Mid-week Hikers. The elevation change was 1683 feet with an overall 3600 foot climb. Here is the GPS track for the hike. One pair of my new hiking shoes arrived today. I located two pair a couple of days ago online. I tried to find my size of Cascadia 9 shoes but none were available so i bought a pair of Cascadia 10 shoes as replacements for the shoes I started this recent segment of the PCT. The Cascadia 10 shoes don’t have a great life expectancy so i looked again and found a couple of pair online at Roadrunner Sports. I had a Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and enjoyed a shower and washed my hiking clothes. I relaxed the rest of the day. Chili size for dinner.

Sanborn Park Loop Hike 0828151138_HDR Sanborn Park Loop Hike 0828151138
Nice view and a good group.

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