Wednesday: (09/02) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian. I had a hike this morning at a preserve I haven’t hiked at before, the La Honda OSP. The open space district has a dozen or more preserves in the Santa Cruz mountains. Most are open to the public and have improvements like restrooms and trails. This one doesn’t. It is open by permit only and there are only a few old ranch roads to hike on. The preserve has a nice mix of forested and grassy areas with some good views of the mountains and out to the ocean. Our hike was quite short at only 5.25 miles and only 945 feet of climb. At over 5000 acres, this will be a nice preserve when they get it improved someday.

La Honda OSP 0902151107 La Honda OSP  0902151112b
While there was some nice oak an redwood forest, there was also some nice grassy hills.

La Honda OSP  0902151124
A nice view out toward Butano Ridge.

A nice ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.

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