Thursday: (10/29) I emptied the Jeep from the San Jose project. I had brought my jobbox home as well as another 10 gallons of dirt leftover from the new smp pump outlet box installation. I then broke down a couple of the old cabinets from Lou’s workroom. I salvaged some good plywood panels from the cabinets for reuse. I cut up the unusable parts and we enjoyed a nice campfire when we burnt the wood in the evening. I finally got to work on Lou’s shed in the late afternoon. I managed to install just one piece of the sill plate for the shed. Granola for breakfast. Leftover pizza for lunch. Tongue tacos with black bean and corn salsa for dinner.

Wilton Campfire 1029151927
A nice campfire in the evening.

Wilton Campfire 1029151941_Pano
The backyard at night.

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