Saturday: (10/31) We started with the weekly shopping. Not a good day. I was enjoying my morning on the computer when it died, dead. So, buying a new laptop went to the top of the list. Meanwhile, it ruined my day. Fortunately, there is likely no loss of data like all my recent photos both because most are backed up and the hard drive was probably not affected. I did have some fun. I bought a quad copter recently. Today I tried to have some fun and flew it for the first time. I have a lot to learn.  I hope it’s really durable. Shepherd’s pie for breakfast. Black bean chili for lunch.

Wilton Lou's Shed 1101151242 Amature Selfies 1101151902_HDR
Sunday: (11/01) The clocks looked odd this morning. I did remember to adjust all the clocks last night. The problem is, I set them forward rather than back. So we did get up earlier. We were fortunate to have a Black Bear Diner open in  nearby Sunnyvale. Ernie joined us for breakfast there this morning. It’s both good and bad to have one nearby. When we got home I started relaxing. My method of relaxation was different. I split logs most of the day. I burnt all the processed good (painted and treated lumber) leaving only clean wood for BBQing. Lou was busy smoking ribs for dinner. She made nice pear salads for lunch. Ribs. potatoes and Coleslaw for dinner. Nice mostly sunny day today. Another supposedly rainy day, not. Above right is why amateurs shouldn’t take selfies.

Monday: (11/02) Awoke at 0630 to the sound of a good rain. It was soaked outside. The sump was full. The pump has been turned off and we had a hose to the backyard to recycle any water that we needed to pump. So, I went out in the heavy rain and filled all our buckets with the sump water. I then tried to hook the pump discharge back to the pipe that goes out to the street but it appears to be blocked. So I pulled the hose out to the street. Too bad to have to waste the water but too much isn’t good. Popcorn for breakfast. Looks like a day for inside activities. The rain was finished by mid morning. Lou and I cleared the grass plug obstruction in the pump discharge pipe and it’s all hooked up as it should be, if we get more rain. In the afternoon I went out looking at computers. I’ve been looking at the Lenovo Yoga 900 2in1 computer. It’s a laptop and a tablet. They had one on display at the best Buy in San Carlos so I tried it out and I do like it. But, they aren’t in stock anywhere so I ordered it tonight. I should be back to happy on Wednesday. Breakfast sandwich for brunch. Ham and cheese pannini sandwich for dinner.

VTA Hacathon 1103151101_HDR VTA Hacathon 1103151117a_HDR
Tuesday: )11/03) I made a breakfast sandwich to start my day. Lou and Dawn were off to exercise class first thing. When they returned they dropped me off in San Jose at the transportation district office so I could attend the Hackathon awards ceremony. The photos show several of the apps being developed by the hackers.

VTA Hacathon 1103151129_HDR VTA Hacathon 1103151142_HDR
There wasn’t a crowd but winning is still worthwhile, even more so this time because there were monetary awards.

VTA Hacathon Bus Inerds 1103151202_HDR SJSU New Construction 1103151334_HDR
Above left is the information system that exists on a bus, On the right is a new building under construction on the San Jose State campus where I took a walk later in the day.

Lou and Dawn were then off thrifting. I then headed off to Dawn’s apartment to do a little taste trimming the drain outlet pipe and gluing some fittings to complete the system installation.  We stopped by Harbor Freight on the way home to pick up a spare sump pump just in case one fails during our upcoming El Nino storms. Vietnamese sandwich and coleslaw for lunch at the event. Leftovers for dinner.

Don's New Laptop 1104151753c_HDR
Wednesday: (11/04) Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. She and Dawn headed off to Oakland to a couple of events today. I worked on Lou’s shed most of the day. I got most of the sill plates installed and started the framing. My new computer arrived about 1430 but being the dedicated guy I am, I put it in the house and didn’t play with it until after dinner. These shorter days sure do get dark early I stopped work about 1700, picked up dinner at Tacos El Gruelense down the street A nice super nachos. Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich. After dinner I got to start playing with my new computer. Big boxes for a tiny computer. Nice. Lou and Dawn were off to a couple of meetings in Oakland today.

Wilton Lou's Shed 1105151216_HDR Wilton Lou's Shed 1105151439_HDR
Thursday: (11/05) Granola for breakfast. We’re starting to have cold mornings. In fact, we may have a freeze tonight or soon. I headed out before 0900 and started work on Lou’s shed. I got most of the framing done and the roof joists in and even some panels on the greenhouse side so that if it does freeze, there may be some protection. Tomorrow is a ply day with a hike so no more work until Saturday when I hope to get the roof on. Lou made a meal in one pasta dish for lunch. Macaroni and cheese with a spinach casserole for dinner. The new laptop is nice but there will be a lot of work involved in getting it setup right.

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