Lou's Shed Move In 1214151412_Pano
Monday: (12/14) The rains gone for today but we are colder. In fact yesterdays rain was hail in some nearby cities and some snow fell on our mountains. Lou made a nice omelet for breakfast. She and I were busy in her new shed. We erected the two other shelf units. She then was busy moving molds and I was busy cutting some plywood for the shelves and anchoring them. Ham and cheese sandwich for me and salad for Lou and Dawn were lunch. Dawn’s lintel soup for dinner.

Dawn's Shed Rebuild 1215151427_HDR Dawn's Shed Rebuild 1216151122_HDR
Tuesday: (12/15) I removed the front wall of Lou’s old shed.  I need to work on the floor It’s on and old garage slab that has tilted and broken. I’m going to repair and level the floor before Dawn moves in. I then was busy sawing the concrete for a new foundation for the front wall that is level and some that is tilted differently than the rest. Sawing with a 7.25″ saw takes time especially in really hard concrete like this old stuff. Lou and Dawn were out with appointments and a daylight visit to Christmas in the Park in San Jose. They then picked up Dawn’s friend Andrea for a visit and she spent the night. Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Dawn's Shed Rebuild 1216151122a_HDR Dawn's Shed Rebuild 1216151408_HDR
Wednesday: (12/16) Leftovers for breakfast. After a little more sawing I was busy with my jackhammer breaking out concrete all day. Not an easy task even with the jackhammer. The concrete is pretty good and 7 inches thick being an old garage slab. Unfortunately it’s poured on clay soil so it has tilted too much and had a crack in one corner tilting differently so I decided to adjust it. I’m breaking out enough but not all of it and will pour a cap over it that is level with a new front edge that is below the front wall of Lou’s old shed. Possibly not the best but hopefully good enough for a few years. It eliminates having to break it all out and then getting rid of the debris. Lou was busy in her shed sheltered from my dust. Leftovers for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chicken, rice and peas for dinner. Lou and Dawn took Andrea home in the evening visited Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose along the way.

Dawn's Shed Rebuild 1216151449_HDR Dawn's Shed Rebuild 1216151525a_HDR

Thursday: (12/17) Tamales for breakfast. I spent the day drilling some holes in the edges of the concrete for pins to attach the new concrete to the old. Lou was busy with more organizing in her shed. French onion soup for lunch. Dawn has come down with a cold. We made a visit to Home Depot in the afternoon to get some bags of concrete mix. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to pour some concrete. We get some rain tomorrow evening and I’m busy with  hike tomorrow. In the evening Lou and I headed off to Willow Glen in San Jose for dinner at Aqui’s restaurant and a Christmas lights walk in the area. Some real effort went in to the entire neighborhood’s decorations.

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