Monday: (01/25) I caught the bus down to San Jose to Leale’s RV. The motorhome was supposed to be ready last Friday per my conversation last week with the  service rep. I was cautioned to call first before going but didn’t listen. A nice bus ride brought be to the shop  where zI learned that it wasn’t ready. Not only that but the parts weren’t even ordered yet. Evidently the power steering pump takes a week to get here from Workhorse. So now I can, possibly, expect it to be ready after next Tuesday. Nice day out anyway. I spent the rest of the day looking at all the used car lots along the way and visited the Jeep dealer to look at the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk as a possible replacement toad. They didn’t have one but did have the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, a little smaller version of the trail rated Jeep. Nice looking but is much shorter than the Cherokee mostly buy removing rear storage area. Decisions Decisions. I made breakfast sandwiches for breakfast. Some chicken and fries from Safeway for lunch. Lou made gluten free pizza for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/26) I relaxed much of the morning but did eventually get out to work in Dawn’s shed. Nothing much accomplished. Lou had an appointment in Menlo Park this morning then she and Dawn were busy shopping and thrifting. In the afternoon we assembled the last of Dawn’s shelving and made the final placements of the shelving. I also went through  the recycle barrel and crushed a lot of cans and bottles. Lou made a nice sausage, eggs and potato breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn had corned beef and cabbage at Ann’s restaurant in Menlo Park for their lunch. Leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/27) I worked on installing flashing on the base of Dawn’s shed. I also installed some paneling, all to make it more waterproof. We also made a run to Lowe’s to return materials and get some plywood. Without the Jeep, I had to have the plywood cut there so it would fit in the little car. I just needed 2′x4′ foot pieces for some shelves. They fit even with the three of us in the car. Amazing!  When we got home I installed the shelf pieces and added some 2″x2″ bracing so they will be nice and strong. PBJ on chibatta toasted bread for breakfast. Leftover BBQ ribs and a baked potato for lunch. Spaghetti and green salad for dinner.

Thursday: (01/28) I was out early to install a piece of metal flashing on Dawns shed and finished with the paneling of the base pedestal of the building. Should be nicely water proof and mouse proof after I do a little caulking now. Lou made a nice corned beef hash and eggs breakfast. About 0945 our insurance adjuster stopped by to look at the Jeep. I had a webinar from 10-12. Always nice to learn something. Lou was busy contacting the perpetrators insurance company. They arranged for a rental car and Lou selected a body shop with good reviews. Lunch was leftovers. We visited the shop and arranged for them to look at the Jeep next Monday to likely condemn it for totaling it. If that occurs, we’ll need another towable vehicle. Lou picked up the rental car.

Jeep Replacement Candidate 0128161632a_HDR Jeep Replacement Candidate 0128161740_HDR
We all took the rental for a trip North looking at thee used car lots and dealers for new and used Jeeps. Lou got to see a Renegade Trailhawk. Still don’t know if it is towable though. We also found two good used Jeeps in our search. A 2006 Jeep Liberty Sport Trail Rated looks really interesting. We enjoyed dinner at Jack’s Restaurant in San Mateo then visited thrift stores on the way home. More research is needed now on whether and what is towable.

Friday: (01/29) Dawn was busy moving boxes to her shed today. I was busy walking around the neighborhood and just being generally lazy.

Rental Car Replacement  0129161119d_HDR
Lou was busy getting a replacement rental car. The one she got had a really bad problem with the transmission and was jerky starting for each stop.

Jeep Replacement Candidate 0129161503a_HDR Jeep Replacement Candidate 0129161623a_HDR
In the afternoon we all drove down El Camino Real, the main street . We visited all the car lots and dealers along the way looking for a good jeep. None found but we tried. On the way home we got dinner. Interesting diet today. Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian, a sausage egg and cheese English Muffin, even though I didn’t take a hike today. Lou made peach blintzes for lunch. We enjoyed dinner at the Super Taqueria restaurant.  Lou and I shared a Super Nachos with carnitas and Dawn had a couple of tacos.

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