Saturday: (03/12) Another rainy day. Breakfast at a Good Morning restaurant. I then spent some time adding understandable names to the photos taken over the past couple of months. They default to just the date and time. After that we all took a drive up to San Bruno for Lou to check on some leather at Tandy Leather. We then shopped our way toward home stopping at Tanforan Shopping Center. We stopped for dinner at Neil’s Cafe in Millbrea. A final stop at Hillsdale mall then on to home. Stayed mostly dry today, except for getting in and out of the car.

Sunday: (03/13) A lazy Sunday morning. I watched TV while I added photos to this blog for posts since late January. How easy it is to get behind. Lou made berry pancakes  and sausage for breakfast. Because it continued to rain and because my next task with the Jeep is to remove the driver seat, I didn’t do any work on it today. In fact I only went outside once to dump the water from the tarp on the canopy over the Jeep. I tinkered on the computer all day, and enjoyed it. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Leftover pork rice and beans for dinner.

Monday: (03/14) A rainy day. We all went down to San Jose today to check the refrigerator temperature. We arrived about 1040 and found the repaired new refrigerator at 35 degrees in the refrigerator and 16 degree in the freezer. Finally OK. I removed the extension cord for the loaner refrigerator and turned it off.  We then went over to La Victoria restaurant for breakfast burritos. After that we stopped at the Super Walmart on Story Road where I bought some new blue jeans. and a few other things. On the way home we were notified about the pickup of the loaner refrigerator. We dropped off the groceries we bought in San Jose since we were almost home. Lou and Dawn returned at 1500 and met the Home Depot crew while they removed the loaner. I removed the canopy and tarp from over the Jeep. It was still a little cloudy and a bit windy but we should have four days of sun now, three of which I can dedicate to working on the Jeep as needed, and one for a hike. Since today is Pie Day (3/14/16) Ernie brought some pie over to share. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/15) Granola and a banana for breakfast. I got busy on the Jeep again. I removed the driver seat and installed the solenoid the pulls the brake pedal under the driver seat.

New Jeep Setup 0315161614a_HDR
I routed the power wires to it and the draw cable from it under the floor mat, installed the pulley and attached the cable to the brake pedal arm. After a nice ham and cheese sandwich again, I got busy wiring up the controller.

New Jeep Setup 0315160901a_HDR New Jeep Setup 0315161614_HDR
I now have only to intercept the brake switch wiring, hookup the vacuum lines, power it up and test it. That’s a big only. I spent some time today trying to do the brake switch wiring and didn’t make much progress. I also needed some parts to do a good installation on the vacuum lines. I found all but the check valve and ordered that from Amazon for delivery tomorrow. Lou made roast beast with asparagus and spaghetti squash for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/16) A nice sunny day. Breakfast lunch and dinner outside, that’s how nice! I cleaned out the Jeep for my hike carpool tomorrow. That’s also why I didn’t do any work on the Jeep today, except cleaning up all the tools and junk that the project had collected in it. I received the final parts needed to do the vacuum line mods about 1100 Amazon is fast. I also spent some time putting all that stuff from the Jeep away so I can find it when next needed. Otherwise I relaxed all day including napping. Lou made eggs Benedict for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Lou made BBQ ribs with bake potato and coleslaw for dinner. Lou and Dawn took a long walk to and from Mitchel park midday. Lou was busy smoking ribs and chicken this afternoon. By not working on the Jeep today i had time to thing of a better way to tap in to the brake lighting to avoid having the vehicle brake light override the blinkers when towing. The wires are not very long leaving the harness and are way up inside behind the dash. I decided to try to just do the intercept inside the brake light switch assembly which is connected by a plug and just twists out. Seems like it might be much easier. I’ll find out Friday. Worst case should only be the need for a new switch. Much less permanent damage.This is how I do a lot of projects, procrastinate until a better, easier way is discovered. Some are still waiting for that easier way though.

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