Tuesday: (03/22) Lou had a service appointment for the Hyundai this morning so we were off early. It was a 45K service so it didn’t take long. I had driven the jeep so we were off to breakfast and shopping while it was worked on. Lou decided we need to bring Dawn’s scooter on the trip so we heeded a carrier for it. it’s been on the list for a while but not anywhere near the top of my todo list, until this morning. We stopped at Harbor Freight to get the carrier. A call to Dawn to have her measure the scooter width to be sure it fit and we bought it. When I got home I assembled it. Lots of parts. I also installed some taillights in place of the reflectors on the rear. I had to make an additional trip to get a electrical connector that I forgot to get with the taillights.  When it was all assembled I tried to load the scooter and it was 1.5 inches too wide? No problem. I removed the front fence on the platform and the scooter fit properly. Lou and Dawn were busy packing the RV. If I get busy and complete my packing tomorrow, maybe we will be off sometime tomorrow. Breakfast at the Country Inn where we split a nice Spanish Omelet with Swedish pancakes. Lou made meatballs with asparagus and some cold vegetables for lunch.  o dinner we went to Harry’s Hofbrau with Ernie, Cecelia and Courtney. We discovered it Tuesday’s are Banjo night be we came too early. We’ll have to return another night.

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