Monday: (03/21) I was up early to get ready for another hike. I grabbed breakfast at L&L Hawaiian , as usual. It was overcast all day with showers expected in the early afternoon. This hike started at 0900, was only 7 miles but took 5.5 hours because it was docent led. We had 23 hikers and 3 docents and we hikers learned a lot about this interesting preserve and the beast that caused it’s creation a rare butterfly. We also learned a lot about the flowers, a amain reason for the hike was to see all the flowers. There are cattle grazing on the preserve and we even saw several wild pigs. The first wild pigs I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen lots of pig rutting but never a pig before these. We had lunch overlooking a nice green valley sitting on some of the wild flowers.  We were lucky that, while we had a few sprinkles on our last two miles of the hike, we had no real rain. On the way home I stopped for a coupe of pieces of dim sum. We had leftover macaroni and cheese and wieners for dinner.

When I started the Jeep this morning the service light was on. Since it was at 2447 miles, I just thought it would be time for an oil change, its first. When i got home I called to schedule a service for it at the dealer. Their first available appointment is 4/20. Wow! They do have an drop in express oil change service that could check the code to see why it’s complaining. A while back, i bought a nice OBD2 code reader. I bought it for a problem on the old jeep and never got to use it. I installed the app on my phone and linked up to the reader via bluetooth. Works great. It says the reason for the alarm is a problem with the brake light switch. So I’ll reset the alarm tomorrow and see if it is just caused while I was tapping the circuit. If the alarm returns and everything continues to work i’ll have to find a way to disable it or just reset it regularly. Always something.

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