Saturday: (03/26) We got up early showered and had breakfast and were on the road by 0900. We headed up to the North Road which was supposed to be one of the good flower sections. Really not too much to see. Much thinner than I remember for our last visit here. We stopped and looked at the Ubehebe Crater, just a look, no hike for this visit. Looks interesting though. We then headed out a gravel road to the Racetrack, the place that has walking rocks on a dry lake bed. From there we could either return the 27 miles of gravel road we had just come out or continue on, a possible shorter route to a paved road but on a more severe jeep trail. Of course we took the trail. It was the New Jeeps first real trek. It got at least a couple of tests of the skidplates. Having the new Jeep with Hill Descent mode really helped going down the really steep, rocky road without having to use the brake much. We ended up doing about 60 mils on gravel roads and 120 miles of paved road today getting a good look at some big sections of the North end of the park. Along the way we say some nice flowers on the Jeep road, some of the healthiest Joshua Trees we’ve seen, a rattle snake, a desert iguana, and more. Granola for breakfast, Ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch and leftovers for dinner.

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