Saturday: (04/30) I made ham and eggs to go with some leftover home fried potatoes for breakfast. I spent most of the day weeding and trimming plants in the flower beds and planters. Lunch was a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with avocado. On one of my breaks I scheduled a hike for this coming Friday at the Long Ridge OSP. It filled by early afternoon with it’s limit of 19 hikers. My dinner was some surplus chili Ernie had made. Very good.

Sunday: (05/01) Breakfast at Country Inn in Cupertino, a nice mushroom omelet and some Swedish pancakes. I then headed on down to San Jose to Dawn’ house. The tenant reported that the side yard fence had been hit and knocked down a couple of weeks ago. i finally got down to take a look. Not what I had envisioned. The front fence was OK. The rear fence was leaning a little. It had been hit but no material damage. I straightened it up and tightened the anchor bolts. Seems OK now. There was also a complaint of ants so I’ll be working on that later. I returned home via a visit to a big Fry’s Electronics store in Sunnyvale to browse at the big boy toys. On the way home I stopped for dim sum. When I got home I started work on the RV. I needed to replace the power connector but decided to also install the automatic transfer switch as well. I made a good stat on the project, more work tomorrow. For dinner I headed off to Super Taqueria in Sunnyvale for a super burrito.

Monday: (05/02) Spaghetti and meat balls for breakfast. I tried to be lazy and watched TV much of the morning. I finally got outside and worked on the RV. First order of business was to repair the deadbolt lock on the door which fell apart. Then I got busy on the installation of the generator transfer switch. That required a run to the hardware store to get parts. After testing the wiring, I fired it up and there was no fire, a good thing. It seems to work properly. I then tested the air conditioner and it is bad, the compressor stalls. i ordered a new one which should be here in a couple of days. Lou made pastrami sandwiches for lunch and salmon with asparagus and rice for dinner.

Tuesday: (05/03) Lou had an appointment in Mountain View this morning so Dawn and I hitched a ride with her. I dropped Lou off the delivered Dawn to the Post office then I went to a cheap gas station to fill the Jeep’s tank. I returned the Jeep to Lou’s location and then walked down to the Hong Kong Bakery for a pork bun and a egg tart for breakfast. Dawn also stopped by for her breakfast there. I then went on a walking tour of construction sites on the way home. Lou called a while later and said breakfast was almost done so I caught a bus home. French toast and sausage for breakfast about noon. I tinkered with a few things in the afternoon, finishing little. I replaced three of the remaining fluorescent light fixtures with LED fixtures in the bedroom  and drivers area of the RV. I looked in to replacing the radio in the RV and I troubleshot an sprinkler that isn’t working. It is a problem with a solenoid or wiring to the valve, something to dig into more tomorrow. Leftover Brussels’s sprouts for my dinner.

Wednesday: (05/04) Cookies for breakfast. We did our weekly grocery shopping this morning. Lou and Dawn took a walk down to California Avenue. I had chips and hummus for lunch. Dawn made some sticky rice pudding for dinner.

Thursday: (05/05) Granola for breakfast. I fixed a baseplate for the garage door to keep potential mice from moving into the garage. Shepherd’s pie for lunch. I bought some dehydrated meals from Packit Gourmet to try out for the trail. The Shepherd’s pie was pretty good though it was more effort and waste than my usual meals. Lou and Dawn were took a walk from Shoreline to Byxbee Park on the baylands. I waited around most of the day to receive some packages. The new air conditioner for the RV was one of them. With rain threatening, I decided to wait a couple of days to install it. Sticky rice with mangoes and a wiener  with cheese for dinner.

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