Tuesday: (05/17) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Got a good start this morning. Left the house by 1015. Stopped for gas and LPG and then hooked up and on the road by 1130. It’s an easy jaunt over the mountains on I580 then North on I205, then I5 then catch CA4 in Stockton. We make it about 25 miles East on Ca4 and near the top of a hill there is a funny noise and a loss of power for a couple of seconds. then OK. We then top the hill and i apply the brakes. There are no brakes. Fortunately I was in second gear and it wasn’t to long or steep if a down hill. There were no slow cars ahead of me and there was a place to pull off the road at the bottom of the hill. We even had one bar of cell signal. I called Good Sam Road Service and they arranged to a tow to Oakdale to get it fixed. We stopped a little after 1430.

RV Brake Failure Tow 0517161527_HDR RV Brake Failure Tow 0517161809b_HDR
I did my checks and we called for the tow by 1500. The service location was found and the tow arranged by 1545 with a one hour ETA. Unfortunately, the tow truck didn’t arrive until 1805.

RV Brake Failure Tow 0517161835a_HDR
We were hooked up in 45 minutes and dropped off at what we hope is the garage by 1905. After we were parked we took a walk around the town of Oakdale. Leftover chicken and artichoke over rice for dinner.

Wednesday: (05/18) Lou and Dawn were up early for a walk around the neighborhood. We had French toast with Olallieberries form our bushes and sausage for breakfast. I made contact with Pacific Truck and Autos office. Today is their busiest day so they aren’t likely to get to the RV today. We collected our things and found a room at the Best Western Motel. A little looking around and a little relaxing in air conditioned comfort. We had lunch at RyderZ Restaurant. Enjoyed the pool. Leftovers for dinner. No work done on the RV today.

Thursday: (05/19) We “enjoyed” the motel breakfast this morning. Before we headed off for the day we stopped at the garage to see how the repair might be going. They should get to work on it today. We then drove up to Angel’s Camp. We experienced some problems getting there due a total absence of signs and confused officers doing nothing to solve the problem to help traffic get to a detour around town due to a parade. We had given up and were following a destruction derby car on a trailer which fortunately brought us right to the fairgrounds. So we got to see the fair.

Frog Jumping Fair 0519161248_HDR Frog Jumpping Fair 0519161438_HDR
It’s a pretty good country fair. I enjoyed a long conversation with a forest service fireman about firefighting. I think I now know much more of how they are able to do their jobs. We met a pig named Trump and another named Breakfast. I even saw one that looked like me with a shaggy full beard. Ernie was there and we met up a few times.

Frog Jumpping Fair 0519161552_HDR Frog Jumpping Fair 0519161558_HDR
The traveling storyteller and blacksmith couple had some interesting equipment.

Frog Jumpping Fair 0519161600_HDR Frog Jumpping Fair 0519161601_HDR
Another lady from Oregon built her tiny home abut a year ago. it’s basically an old sheep herder wagon. The traveling Desoto easy chair was interesting as well.

After ice cream at Rite Aide we stopped for dinner we stopped at Ruderz again. We had soup and a sandwich. The RV shop says that a starter cable rubbed through the brake line causing our brake failure. The should have that and the differential leak fixed by late tomorrow, if we’re lucky. Either way we’re headed home tomorrow.

Friday: (05/20) Motel breakfast again. We visited all the antique stores in town. Lunch at the Corner Cafe in Oakdale. After lunch we called about the status of the motorhome. The parts still had not arrived so we headed toward home via Modesto. More thrift stores explored. I found a well reviewed Chinese Buffet so we had dinner at the Grand Buffet on Coffee Road. We then drove home arriving about 2200. Hopefully the RV will be finished Monday. Whenever it is ready we’ll head back to get it and likely do a little travel in it.

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