Wednesday: (08/17) Lou and Dawn were off to an appointment in the morning and met someone who demonstrated a vision device in the afternoon. Picked up a carpet cleaning machine and headed off toward San Jose. Stopped for lunch at China Wok. I arrived at 1305 and the  Direct TV installer was waiting but the tenant didn’t show up so no install today. I cleaned the carpet in Dawn’s apartment then headed home. When I got home I cleaned the carpet in the RV. The machine started leaking just as I finished. Leftover Enchiladas for Breakfast and dinner.

Thursday: (08/18) I accidentally slept in late. I was supposed to be in San Jose at 0800 but awoke at 0815. I dropped the rug cleaning machine off at Safeway and got a credit for the breakdown. I continued on to San Jose arriving about 0815 just as the installer arrived. Good luck. The installation of the Direct TV system was finished at 1110 after which I headed over for a breakfast burrito at La Victoria before heading home.   About 1540 I headed off to Henry Coe State Park in Gilroy for a moon rise hike. Traffic was terrible and I arrived 25 minutes late. I hiked by myself up to Wilson Peak where I caught up with my fellow hikers as the sun was setting and we watched the moon rise. Both looked the same due to the heavy smoke in the air being dark orange in color and the same size. We were back to our cars by 2300. I stopped for a breakfast sandwich at jack In The Box on the way home.

Friday: (08/19) I slept in until 1000 then had spaghetti for breakfast. Tinkered at the computer and in the office most of the day. In the evening our tenant in San Jose called to complain of a smell in the house.  Lou and I drove down and found the smell but nothing to have caused it except that I had cleaned the carpet in Dawn’s apartment and it was closed up. We vented it by opening a window and starting the cooler. More spaghetti for dinner.

Saturday: (08/20) Final preparation to return to the trail in Yosemite.

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