Wednesday:  (09/28) Breakfast at Jack In The Box, a nic Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. I was off for a 1000 appointment at the Hyundia dealer for service. It took about three hours to complete and I waited in the waiting room attended a webinar, watched training videos and tinkered on the computer. On the way home I needed lunch so planned to stop at Dim Sum King in Sunnyvale. It so happens that Lou’s Indian Market is next door. We try to minimize car trips so I was given a shopping list to pick up some things at the market. I needed a shopping bag and got one out of the trunk. I found some keys in the bag that belonged in the console so i opened the console and threw the keys inside then locked the car. The dongle doesn’t work to lock the car so i had to press the button on the door. When I was putting my keys back in my pocket i noticed I had the keys that belonged in the console in my hand and the keys to the car must therefore be in the car. They were. I called Lou to come and rescue me and went to get lunch instead of shopping. This is what happens when you don’t follow the rules and look at the keys in your hand before locking the car. Today was much cooler than recent days. Lou made salmon with rice and artichokes for dinner.

Thursday: (09/29) A nice relaxing morning in the yard followed by a late breakfast. Lou prepared peach blintzes and sausage. I spent much on the rest of the day installing the new radio in the RV. I had to stand on my head to get under the dash to connect a wire to the parking brake switch. It’s needed to enable the DVD player video to work only when stopped. I couldn’t get the wire for the backup lights that switches the rear view camera on. I know where it is but it’s in the overhead compartment where the old monitor is and needs to be in the dash now. I also need to get the video signal from the camera to the radio as well. Something for the future. The radio works, the DVD layer works and the bluetooth phone and music work. Quite an upgrade for $130. Tacos for la vry late unch. Cheesecake for dinner.

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