Tuesday: (09/27) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian, my usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a maple bar. I took the little car and headed up the mountain to the trailhead meeting location. This si my first adventure out in the car and I was half way there at Hwy 280 and Pagemill Road when I noticed the gas tank was empty with the warning light on. 3.5 miles back to th nearest gas station, 7 miles up the mountain to the trailhead. Since I was leading this hike I had to continue up to be on time, and did. i met my fellow hikers and we carpooled the last 7 miles to the actual trailhead for the hike. Even though it was 80 degrees to start and 91 degrees on our return, it never seemed hot and I didn’t even work up a sweat like I usually do? I had 12 fellow hikers for this hike and all made it back with me. None lost. I was able to make it all the way back to El Camino Real before the gas gauge started flashing telling me it really needed some gas. It has a 10 gallon tank and took 9.999 gallons. at the station. I prepared lunch and threw my clothes in the washing machine and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside. The thermometer in front of Ernie’s trailer indicated 120+ degrees but again probably a lie. When the sun wasn’t shining directly on it it read only 85 degrees at 1530. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn went to The Corner Bakery for a salad for lunch. Otherwise they were cleaning house today. BBQ ribs with asparagus for dinner.

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