Wednesday: (09/07) Breakfast burrito and tea at the Keys Cafe near the motel. I returned to the motel and attended a webinar via my phone, first time on a tiny screen. It worked well. I left the motel at 1115 and walked the mile or so to the bus station and confirmed it’s the right place for Amtrak bus. I waited at the Raley’s market and enjoyed a nice, and cheap, chicken lunch plate that included an interesting “California Slaw” made with kale and apricots. The bus to Sacramento arrived about 10 minutes late and we departed about 1440. Even with rush hour traffic near downtown Sacramento, we arrived shortly after 1700. The Capitol Corridor train departed on time and arrived on time in Santa Clara. This is the first time I’ve been picked up at this station which is closer to home and Lou and Dawn had difficulty getting to the station which has really weird access from a road near levi Stadium and not at all from the road that parallels the track. They had pizza for dinner from the House Of Pizza in San Jose and brought leftovers home which i got to enjoy for a late dinner.


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