PCT MM1063 To MM1082 Lily Pad Lake 0905160717 PCT MM1063 To MM1082 0905161104
Monday: (09/05) Up late at 0618. My fellow camper then arose. She is from Seattle, doing PCT Section. She said she does the Pacific West Trail, on Vancouver Island every year. On trail 0735. Nice, no breeze but a bit nippy. Above left photo near last nights camp. It was dark when I arrived.

PCT MM1063 To MM1082 0905161018_Pano

PCT MM1063 To MM1082 0905161106_Pano
Met Bird and Bambi, a couple heading to Mexico. Several other SB section Hikers. Seems like I’ve met several section hikers on this section that have started at Lake Tahoe and are headed to the Mexican border. I also met a couple of older day hikers NB from Blue Lakes Highway. Lots of up then more up today.

PCT MM1063 To MM1082 0905161330
I made 19 miles stopping at Showers Lake, MM1082. Only 9 miles to go, depending on where I leave the trail.

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