Thursday: (10/13) Late morning. Blintzes and sausage for breakfast. We drove around Ferndale and out to Rio Dell and Scotia. In Scotia we had lunch at the market. Dawn and I shared a torta, Lou had clam chowder.

Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161503 Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161510
After lunch we met a realtor back in Ferndale and went to see a ranch about 1.5 miles SW of town that we were interested in. It had a couple of real fixer upper houses on 200 acres. Seeing it confirmed why it’s been on the market for so long. Probably no mudslide safe building site anywhere on the ranch. It’s been vacant for 20 years since a slide inundated one of the houses. Pretty area though.

Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161523 Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161537
The house and cottage at the ranch. A load of lady bugs in a smoker shed.

Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161547_Pano
Nice views at the ranch.

Arcata Witches Talk 1013161931a_HDR
Lou made asparagus with pork and rice for dinner. In the evening we went up to Arcata to a lecture presented by Humboldt State University on Witches, Sex, and Science in the 16th Century. Excellent speaker presenting a reason why witches were actually scientists and often persecuted for it. The rain had arrived during the talk. A real deluge. We stopped for a quick visit at the Bear River Casino in Loleta on the way home.

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