Friday: (11/11) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian on my way to Hemma’s house for a carpool ride to our hike at Hidden Villa Farm.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111a Hidden Villa Farm 20161111b
We met our fellow hikers there and hiked out the Creek trail to the Black Mountain Trail and up to the top of the tallest mountain on the mid peninsula.


Black Mountain 1111161051 Black Mountain 1111161052a
Lunch at the top. Unfortunately the valley below was a little smoggy. The hike took five hours to do the 9+ miles.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111h Hidden Villa Farm 20161111g
The recent rain made the area really nice except for being quite humid toward the bottom of the mountain.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111f Hidden Villa Farm 20161111e
A couple of photos with me in them. I’m in the burnt orange shirt.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111c Hidden Villa Farm 20161111d
Some of these photos were taken by Anda, the good ones. The mushrooms like above nicely brighten the area after rains sort of like spring flowers.

Hemma and I had a better lunch at the Driftwood market after the hike. As usual I was worn out after the hike. Lou and Dawn had made some lentil ham soup for dinner.

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