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Sunday: (11/13) Last night I preformed a long procrastinated task and trimmed my beard and hair. I was up early to prepare my pack, fix a nice sausage egg and cheese breakfast and head off North of San Francisco to the Marin headlands area of Golden Gate National Park. I met my fellow San Jose Mid Week Hikers there for a hike lead by Neal around and over some mountains and out to the Point Bonita Lighthouse. A nice 9 mile hike.

Marin Headlands 1113161129 Marin Headlands 1113161213a
The old radar towers and buildings and one of the old 16″ guns.

Marin Headlands 1113161313_Pano Marin Headlands 1113161313a_Pano
Views on our way up to the light house form Rodeo beach.

Marin Headlands 1113161215a Marin Headlands 1113161215b
Heading back down to Rodeo Beach.

Marin Headlands 1113161312b Marin Headlands 1113161328
We had lunch at Rodeo Beach about midway on the hike. On the right is the view from the trail out to the light house.

Marin Headlands 1113161343_HDR Marin Headlands 1113161345a
Point Bonita Lighthouse and a view North from it.

After the hike I returned home via El Camino Real not the freeway. I stopped for dinner in Redwood City for Chinese fast food.

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