Friday: (11/04) Overslept so had to hurry and shower and head out for my hike without breakfast. No problem. I just had a PCT breakfast of a granola bar and jerky on the road. I met my fellow hiker at Castle Rock Park above Saratoga.

Three Rocks Hike 1104161035_Pano
We did what our hike leader, Bob, called the three rocks hike visiting Castle, Goat, and Indian Rocks on a 7 mile loop hike. Nice group of 21 hikers on a nice sunny day.

Three Rocks Hike 1104161036_HDR Three Rocks Hike 1104161040_HDR
A couple of top of the world photos at Goat Rock.

Three Rocks Hike 1104161053_HDR
Nice trails

Three Rocks Hike 1104161315_Pano
After the hike I picked up some Dim Sum on my way home. Another shower fixed me up and I relaxed in the afternoon. We all dropped by the Fedex shop and got passport photos for our renewal passport applications. Lou made falafel with broccoli and wieners for dinner.

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