Don on December 18th, 2006

I’ve been adding more categories to this blog. Each state has a category to allow easier review of geographic areas. Now if you click on Arizona, you’ll see all the posts for our time in Arizona. In addition, I’ve added some other categories. Computers, Web for things related to this site, and RV modifications and […]

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Don on June 15th, 2006

My VPS web host server died last week. I was hoping the ISP would eventually restore the server but it’s been more than eight days and lots of calls and emails but still it’s out. So, I’m setting the sites up with a new ISP on a new server. About two weeks of entries were […]

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Don on June 9th, 2006

I started forming for the sidewalk but called it a day early, just because I can.Still no website. I called the web host, RegisterFly. It shouldn’t take this long to restore the server? They say they’re rebuilding the server. So?? Where’s my site?

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Don on May 10th, 2006

I’ve been playing with a new blog application. This blog is using Blogger and, while easy to use, it isn’t very versatile. It’s also damn difficult to change hosts on. This is because while it is hosted on my server it also uses files on Bloggers server as the source and they aren’t easily accessible […]

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Don on January 21st, 2006

This blog is about the travels of our RV which at sometimes includes just Don, other times Lou and Don, and occasionally Dawn, Lou and Don. Each of these folks may have thoughts of their own. I added Don’s Random Thoughts a while back to remove my non travel related thoughts from this travel blog. […]

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Don on December 18th, 2005

Tonight we’re at the Pinnacles. There are two things that occur here. There are no cell phone signals and there are no TV signals. There are great views and there aren’t many places as nice to visit as the Pinnacles, but no signals.So…We use Vonage for our IP phone and that fixes the first problem.A […]

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Don on December 7th, 2005

I have always wanted good maps for this blog that show where we camp and where we have gone. I rather dislike static maps and want an interactive experience using the maps. What I want is a way to navigate the reports of our travels by clicking the map to get more detailed information. I […]

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Don on November 3rd, 2005

I added a couple of new articles to our RVexperience. Both these articles are related to yesterday’s experience, sort of. One is about our macerator pump that is used to drain the holding tanks using a small hose and when the drain point may be up to 20 feet higher than the RV.The other article […]

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Don on July 6th, 2005

Here is a map of the states we have visited in our RV. Green states are more recent visits in our SeaBreeze RV. Yellow states were visited in our VW camper van, mostly in 1979. Blue states haven’t been visited. In between the older visits and the more recent visits we tent camped mostly on […]

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Don on May 7th, 2005

Friday, I had to dash down to Camping World to get a missing shelf for the new refrigerator. Several other errands and some shopping and I made it to Dawn’s house in San Jose to do a little more work on the fence. I installed the lattice work on top of the fence. The neighbors […]

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