Don on January 19th, 2013

Saturday: (01/19) We made it to Quartzsite a little after 4pm. Our first stop was for some of their cheap gas, by California standards anyway. Gas was $3.79 in Blythe and most other places on our path yesterday. Here in Quartzsite it was $3.09. We checked in at the La Poza West BLM Long Term […]

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Don on January 26th, 2012

Thursday: (01/26) We awoke and were on the road by 6am. We headed a little South on Highway 247 to Highway 62 and continued on to Parker, Az. After picking up a few things at Walmart and enjoying leftover ham, pepper and onion salad for lunch we continued on down Arizona highway 95 to Quartzsite. […]

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Don on March 17th, 2011

Thursday: (03/17) Oatmeal with yogurt and diced apple for breakfast. We drove over toward Yuma via Mitry Lake. On the way we also took a look a Yuma Lake. It’s more of a pond but has some nice free camping spots as well. Next stop was the Arizona Marketplace. We bought a sun screen for […]

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Don on December 14th, 2007

Tuesday: Dawn studied and I goofed off all day.Wednesday: I took a trip down to San Jose again about noon. The tenant called yesterday afternoon complaining about mice in her kitchen, still. Lou’s been working on sealing under the sink but there still leaving little traces around the kitchen. I did some more sealing under […]

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Don on July 12th, 2007

We have wireless internet at the house and in the RV. I’ve been trying for years to find a better system that allows a good signal anywhere around the house, yard and RV. I also would like to have the ability to easily share my Internet connection with fellow campers when we’re on the road. […]

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Don on January 29th, 2006

I tried out the new NetZero phone service. I’ve been using Vonage in the RV and at home but sometimes it doesn’t work too well in the RV due to the satellite uplink bandwidth. Has worked best at night, sometimes not too well during the day. NetZero has a satellite setting that seemed to work […]

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Don on January 26th, 2006

I finally installed the Link 10 Meter. I got it last winter shortly after being in Quartzsite. After I installed the solar panels which I got at the same time, I didn’t get around to installing the Link 10 battery monitor meter as I should have. It’s great. Now I can see what’s going on. […]

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Don on January 25th, 2006

One more day here in the LTVA, then I guess I’ll move East of town and maybe drop by the Escapee Boomers Birds Of A Feather group campsite. Then?Today I went by the hardware store to get some small wood screws to finish installing the new LED light fixture in the bathroom. I installed it […]

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Don on January 19th, 2006

Thursday: Since we were in Blythe, Ca to see the vet, Lou and Dawn departed from there to head home. I did some shopping at the hardware store. I want to rig up a better mount for the solar so that all panels can have the best exposure to the sun, what there is of […]

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Don on January 15th, 2006

Another day at the markets. We started at the Main Event, the vendors in Northwest Quartzsite. This is the better market. Right now there are an awful lot of rock vendors at all the other markets. The RV Show begins the 21st, next Saturday.Lou and Dawn thoroughly examined the market while I casually looked and […]

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