Don on March 26th, 2016

Saturday: (03/26) We got up early showered and had breakfast and were on the road by 0900. We headed up to the North Road which was supposed to be one of the good flower sections. Really not too much to see. Much thinner than I remember for our last visit here. We stopped and looked […]

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Don on January 27th, 2015

Friday: (02/27) Leftover chili for breakfast. After our last unlimited showers we prepared for launch. Helen’s son Jay stopped by and then Helen was off to a class and we were on the road by 1000. We stopped at Camping world to get a new plug for the sink and LPG. We also filled the […]

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Monday: (04/29) Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We got an early start for our drive today. When I got to the road we wanted to explore, I finally remembered we needed to fill the gas tank. Not because we were too low but because I don’t like going into the wilderness with less than the […]

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Thursday: (04/25) Lou made a ham and cheese omelet for breakfast. We packed our lunch and headed down to Monticello, the town about 21 miles South. I wanted to top our gas off. We also stopped by the visitor center which was closed as we passed by the other day. We then headed back North to […]

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Don on April 23rd, 2013

Tuesday: (04/23) We broke camp and drove up to Blanding stopping at the Laundromat. While I watched the laundry being done Lou made fried eggs with home fried potatoes and a little diced pork chop for breakfast. We finished the laundry and then stopped by the market and a general store next door. Our final […]

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Don on April 8th, 2013

Monday: (04/08) We awoke to rising winds. Winds seemed to be gusting to 45 mph occasionally so we decided to hit the road before we had breakfast. We only had to move 20-30 miles North above Sedona. About 9am we pulled in to the Pine Flat campground, into the campsite we selected yesterday. This campground is beside Oak […]

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Don on April 6th, 2011

Wednesday: (04/06) Granola with bananas for breakfast. It was cloudy when we got up and started sprinkling lightly after breakfast. We readied to roll and stopped by for tank duties before we left. By then it was actually raining. We didn’t hook up the toad until we got down the hill into toe=wn and also […]

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Don on March 31st, 2011

Thursday: (03/31) For breakfast we had choreso with potatoes and eggs. We then  headed out the Geology Road and Berdoo Road to Indio. We weren’t able to get a guide for the Geology Road tour. Haven’t been any the last couple of days at the kiosk at the beginning of the road. There also was […]

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Don on March 28th, 2011

Monday: (03/28) Peanut granola with yogurt and bananas for breakfast. I caught up on the blog and bills. We packed a lunch and took another Jeep run, this time across the valley. We headed up a dirt jeep road across from us in the Orocopia Mountains. We happened upon one of our destinations with ease, […]

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Don on March 27th, 2011

Sunday: (03/27) We had leftover biscuits and gravy for breakfast then headed out on our days adventures. We went up the road a little ways to our favorite wildflower area on the way in to the Joshua Tree NP. Not too many flowers there this year. Timing is everything plus the weather seemed to have […]

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