Don on November 13th, 2016

Marin Headlands 1113161120 Marin Headlands 1113161120_HDR
Sunday: (11/13) Last night I preformed a long procrastinated task and trimmed my beard and hair. I was up early to prepare my pack, fix a nice sausage egg and cheese breakfast and head off North of San Francisco to the Marin headlands area of Golden Gate National Park. I met my fellow San Jose Mid Week Hikers there for a hike lead by Neal around and over some mountains and out to the Point Bonita Lighthouse. A nice 9 mile hike.

Marin Headlands 1113161129 Marin Headlands 1113161213a
The old radar towers and buildings and one of the old 16″ guns.

Marin Headlands 1113161313_Pano Marin Headlands 1113161313a_Pano
Views on our way up to the light house form Rodeo beach.

Marin Headlands 1113161215a Marin Headlands 1113161215b
Heading back down to Rodeo Beach.

Marin Headlands 1113161312b Marin Headlands 1113161328
We had lunch at Rodeo Beach about midway on the hike. On the right is the view from the trail out to the light house.

Marin Headlands 1113161343_HDR Marin Headlands 1113161345a
Point Bonita Lighthouse and a view North from it.

After the hike I returned home via El Camino Real not the freeway. I stopped for dinner in Redwood City for Chinese fast food.

Don on November 12th, 2016

Saturday: (11/12) We had leftovers for breakfast under the arbor in the backyard. Lou and Dawn were off to San Mateo to a craft fair.  They had a late lunch at Neil’s Restaurant. I had the remainder of my sandwich from yesterday. I spent the day resting for tomorrows hike nd working on the computer. Dinner was more leftovers.

Don on November 11th, 2016

Friday: (11/11) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian on my way to Hemma’s house for a carpool ride to our hike at Hidden Villa Farm.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111a Hidden Villa Farm 20161111b
We met our fellow hikers there and hiked out the Creek trail to the Black Mountain Trail and up to the top of the tallest mountain on the mid peninsula.


Black Mountain 1111161051 Black Mountain 1111161052a
Lunch at the top. Unfortunately the valley below was a little smoggy. The hike took five hours to do the 9+ miles.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111h Hidden Villa Farm 20161111g
The recent rain made the area really nice except for being quite humid toward the bottom of the mountain.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111f Hidden Villa Farm 20161111e
A couple of photos with me in them. I’m in the burnt orange shirt.

Hidden Villa Farm 20161111c Hidden Villa Farm 20161111d
Some of these photos were taken by Anda, the good ones. The mushrooms like above nicely brighten the area after rains sort of like spring flowers.

Hemma and I had a better lunch at the Driftwood market after the hike. As usual I was worn out after the hike. Lou and Dawn had made some lentil ham soup for dinner.

Don on November 7th, 2016

Monday: (11/07) Cereal for breakfast. I processed our passport renewal applications and delivered them to the Post office. I grabbed my tools and headed down to San Jose. On the way I picked up a torta at Super Taqueria. I added a new downspout on the North Side of the house. It’s a 60 foot straight run that had a downspout on each end. Unfortunately the gutter dips to the middle.

San Jose Downspout  1107161527a San Jose Downspout 1107161527b
I had installed a drain line under the sidewalk years ago to add one in the middle. Unfortunately rater than being on the surface it ended up buried under a half inch on concrete. Finding it was fun using a hammer to sound it out. It was installed yer ago but my memory said it was there and it was. Today I finally added it. Not easy. Adding the flange to the gutter was a pain, the rest was actually easy.

San Jose Downspout 1107161531
Sucess. Looks pretty good and will look better if I ever finish painting that side of the house. On the way home I stopped at House Of Egg Rolls in Santa Clara for some egg rolls and shrimp. Yum! Lou made spaghetti for their dinner.

Tuesday: (11/08) Cereal for breakfast. We delivered our ballots to our poling place. We always have absentee ballots. I headed down to San Jose and cleaned the rain gutters and pruned some trees and bushes away from the house. Dim Sum for lunch. Leftover spaghetti for dinner. Watched the election results in the evening. Unbelievable!

Wednesday: (11/09) Soft boiled eggs fro breakfast. Lou and Dawn were of to dental appointments. I caught the bus down to Mountain View and looked at a building under construction there. My hobby. Grilled spam and cheese sandwich for lunch. I have to get rid of my leftover hiking supplies. Fried fish with garlic bean noodles for dinner.

Thursday: (11/10) More sun today. A nice day to relax. Today was Dawn’s birthday. Breakfast at Anne’s Cafe in Menlo Park. We looked around at some shops then left Dawn at Keppler’s Bookstore while we did some other more shopping. For lunch we had garlic fries from McDonald’s and they got coffees. French onion soup with cheese toast for dinner. Bread pudding for desert.


Don on November 5th, 2016

Saturday: (11/05) I made some delicious corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Lou was busy with a trip to a rummage sale to start. Then we went to  Target and bought  a new electric blanket. She continued on to a Doll Show in San Jose and I walked around the San Antonio Mall area watching the construction and shopping before catching the bus home. I had a Subway sandwich of the day for lunch. For dinner we all went to the Black Bear Restaurant in Sunnyvale. Lou and Dawn had a prime rib attack. They shared and I had some fish tacos. I scheduled four hikes in the Pinnacles NP and reserved our camp site there the first week of December.

Sunday: (11/06) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs with avocado for breakfast. Being the procrastinator I am, I spent the morning reading my voter guide and studying the ballot measures and finished my sample ballot. We got out of the house later and walked around the Town and Country Shopping Center. I haven’t been there in years even though it’s possibly the closest shopping center to our house. Nothing there of interest. We did pick up some things at the Trader Joe’s Market there. We had more of Lou’s chorizo onion soup with toast for lunch.


Don on November 4th, 2016

Friday: (11/04) Overslept so had to hurry and shower and head out for my hike without breakfast. No problem. I just had a PCT breakfast of a granola bar and jerky on the road. I met my fellow hiker at Castle Rock Park above Saratoga.

Three Rocks Hike 1104161035_Pano
We did what our hike leader, Bob, called the three rocks hike visiting Castle, Goat, and Indian Rocks on a 7 mile loop hike. Nice group of 21 hikers on a nice sunny day.

Three Rocks Hike 1104161036_HDR Three Rocks Hike 1104161040_HDR
A couple of top of the world photos at Goat Rock.

Three Rocks Hike 1104161053_HDR
Nice trails

Three Rocks Hike 1104161315_Pano
After the hike I picked up some Dim Sum on my way home. Another shower fixed me up and I relaxed in the afternoon. We all dropped by the Fedex shop and got passport photos for our renewal passport applications. Lou made falafel with broccoli and wieners for dinner.

Don on November 3rd, 2016

Thursday: (11/03) Today was new Internet system day. I had an 0800-2000 ATT appointment to setup our new DSL line for The modem arrived after the ATT tech had tested the line. The ATT tech said his test said there was a ground problem on my inhouse wiring. I spent some time after he left setting up the new modem and fixing the line problem. While I had 11MB line speed with continuous intermittent signal dropout I now have 24.5MB steady speed after new equipment and line repairs. Ernie couldn’t stand over an hour of no Internet so had to go out to find a connection. Nice! I ordered a new dehumidifier from Amazon. Cereal for breakfast. Avocado and cheese sandwich for lunch. Onion chorizo soup for dinner.

Don on October 29th, 2016

Saturday: (10/29) No rain, just cloudy today. Peach blintzes and sausage for breakfast. Lunch at Mi Pueblo Market in East Palo Alto. We also picked up some wire for a greenhouse project and looked around at IKEA. At home I finally got out and cut some wood for the green house project. Lou’s making protective cages to keep her lettuce safe from nighttime marauders. Lou made salmon with rice and asparagus.

Sunday: (10/30)  Granola for breakfast. I worked in the greenhouse some moving and preparing to make Lou’s garden cages. i decided i needed my electric miter saw which i thought was in San Jose at Dawn’s place. So I headed that way intending to get lunch on the way. I also stopped at Harbor Freight and looked at their air staplers an staple supplies. Unfortunately they don’t seem to carry staples that match their staplers and visa-versa. I continued to Dawn’s and found that the living room was still cleared from when I cleaned the carpet. I returned everything to it’s rightful place. I also removed the unused DSL modem and wireless router for use at home. On the way home I stopped for some Dim Sum at Dim Sum King in Sunnyvale. It turns out the miter saw wasn’t in San Jose. I found it deeply buried in my shop. Some chicken with cheese and avocados for dinner.

Monday: (10/31) Lou made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Dawn is under the weather. Speaking of weather, it was mostly sunny with a few light showers. I spent some time with the table and miter saws cutting some boards for the cages. Lou and I went to LUU Noodles for lunch. I spent some time watching the construction project at San Antonio Mall. It’s nearing completion. They were pouring the last floor of the theater parking garage. I then went out hardware shopping. I got some nails for the air nailer and L brackets and hinges. For dinner BBQ ribs with a baked potato and an avocado.

Greenhouse Plant Cages 1101161603
Tuesday: (11/01) Granola for breakfast. I headed out early to work on Lou’s plant cages. It took all day to finish making the frame and installing the wire. Fortunately, at the end of the day, the planters actually fit though about exactly or possibly a better word is “barely.” I had an avocado and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou made spaghetti for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/02) A nice sunny day. Lou and I headed out to breakfast at The Crepevine in Mountain View. We shared a nice El Paso (corned beef hash). Then we went shopping for a new dehumidifier. Couldn’t locate one we wanted. I picked up some Dim Sum for lunch on the way home. Lou was off early to a meeting at Stanford. Dawn is still under the weather.Leftover spaghetti for dinner.

Don on October 28th, 2016

Friday: (10/28) My usual hiking breakfast of a maple bar and a sausage, egg and cheese English muffin from L&L Hawaiian down the street. Alex picked me up and we met our fellow hikers at Windy Hill preserve then carpooled in fewer cars to Jasper Ridge Botanical Preserve a short distance away in Woodside.

Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161014a_HDR Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161018a_HDR
Jasper Ridge is part of thee Stanford campus and has been closed to the public since the 1970′s. It is a research botanical preserve.

Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161018b Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161024a
This is a docent led hike of only 3 miles but very interesting. Learning that there are three resident types of bats there and 17 varieties that visit the preserve including migratory bats from Brazil and Mexico. I’ve never seen a bat around these mountains before. They study them with microphone sensors placed around the preserve and the sounds are analyzed by artificial intelligence software. They also count ants and leaves on trees for other studies.

Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161024c Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161050
That aside, it’s a beautiful place to visit. The rain finished just before the hike and it didn’t rain during the hike. Nice!

Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161057b Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161155
This site was open to the public until the mid 1970′s. Since then it’s been a closed research preserve.

Jasper Ridge Hile In Woodside 1028161148_Pano
*Post hike, we stopped for lunch at John’s Cafe in Woodside. I relaxed the rest of the day. Lou made hamburger steaks with lattice fried potatoes for dinner.

Don on October 23rd, 2016

Sunday: (10/23) Corned beef hash for breakfast. Watched the morning Sunday shows then watched the last Presidential debate which we had missed. I relaxed all day. My big project was going through the mail. Lou made grilled cheese sandwiches with cookhouse bread and Loleta cheese for lunch. Hot and sour soup for dinner.

Monday: (10/24) I relaxed inside all day. Primarily I was reviewing candidates and propositions preparing my sample ballot. Not an easy job this year. Granola for breakfast. Hot and sour soup for lunch. Lou’s sausage cornbread for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/25) I spent the day feeling pretty good. I worked on the computer all day. Lou’s baked sausage and cheese omelet for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Open faced hot chicken sandwiches for dinner.

Wednesday: (10/26) We had a family dentist appoint for cleaning and maintenance. I felt pretty good until later in the afternoon then felt ill again. I also spent a lot of time on the computer. Leftover sausage and cheese omelet for breakfast. Dim sum for lunch. Chicken soup for dinner.

Thursday: (10/27) Wow, what a lucky day! First, I advanced through the waitlist for a rare hiking opportunity for tomorrow at Jasper Ridge Preserve on the Stanford Campus. And second, I won a certificate for $20 of cheese from Loleta Cheese from our visit to their open house on the way home. Granola for breakfast. Summer sausage and cheese curd sandwich for lunch. Again I relaxed all day. Leftover sausage cornbread for dinner. Occasional rain all day