Don on October 22nd, 2016

Saturday: (10/22) Lou made sausage hash for breakfast. I wanted to take a drive out Freshwater Road up to the top of the highest mountain in the area. Just wanted to look around. When we returned we hit the road toward home. Our first stop was in Loleta, not very far.  We wanted to pick up some cheese. We found they were having the grand opening of a restaurant at the cheese factory named Queso Kings. It is a grilled cheese bar. Dawn and I shared one of their sandwiches for our lunch. Then we were back on the road. Dinner was summer sausage and cheese curds with chips. We were home by 2200.


Don on October 21st, 2016

Friday: (10/21) Granola and brownies for breakfast. It was drizzly much of the day so we did some shopping. Getting out got rid of my headache but wore me out. Lunch at Golden Harvest restaurant a really nice breakfast and lunch house. I had some great breakfast burritos and Lou had an omelet with perfectly crisp hash browned potatoes and Dawn had some Benedicts. More shopping. Lou made a corn bread and sausage casserole for dinner.

Humboldt Cider Mill Restroom Sink 1021162001
Another visit to Humboldt Cider works in the evening.

Don on October 20th, 2016

Thursday: (10/20) Cookhouse toast for breakfast. I relaxed at home while Lou and Dawn were out on the town shopping. Hot and sour soup and a hamburger for lunch.  I did go out in the afternoon and take a walk around the fairground and watch a construction crew work on a trench in the street in front of the fairgrounds. Possibly the most dangerous crew I’ve ever seen. Almost ran over or hit four cars in the hour I was watching them. Exciting! Chili beans and toast for dinner.


Don on October 19th, 2016

Wednesday: (10/19) Chili beans for breakfast. I’m sicker so relaxed at home. Lou made hamburgers and got me some more hot and sour soup for lunch.

Eureka House By Fairground 1019161556d Eureka House By Fairground 1019161606a
We had a 1530 appointment to go see a house we were interested in. Interesting place right in town on 3.4 acres with a huge house and it’s own forest. It seemed to need too much work for us.

Ferndale Bluegrass Concert At The Steeple 1019161832_HDR Ferndale Bluegrass Concert At The Steeple 1019162024a_HDR
We got dinner at Marie Calendars on our way back to Ferndale for a concert in the evening. Sierra Hull was named the IBMA Mandolin Player of 2016. She and her group played at The Old Steeple. It’s an old church that makes a great small music venue. In fact during the day it is a music store.  The group consisting of Sierra Hull (mandolin), Ethan Jodziewicz (double bass), and Justin Moses (mandolin, banjo, Dobro, backing vocals) presented an outstanding 2.5 hour concert. Each is extremely talented. However, my favorite was actually Ethan Jodziewicz, the base player. He played it like I prefer, as a real instrument not just a rhythm of three notes. Amazing. Here’s a sample.

Ferndale Fair RV Park 1012161709
Poster for concert.

Don on October 18th, 2016

Tuesday: (10/18) Lou made sausage, eggs and hash browns for a late breakfast. We then visited a couple of RV parts stores looking for our door lock. None found but we did get a reference for a place in Sacramento that has used parts. Dawn then looked around two book stores in Arcata while Lou and I looked around the CoOp food store and hardware store. The CoOp had Rainier beer so I got some to bring more authenticity to our next Longmire binge. Lunch at the Oriental buffet there. No rain today, last rain early this morning. Lou made chili for dinner.

Don on October 17th, 2016

Monday: (10/17) Strawberry waffles for breakfast. Relaxed at home all morning. Headed out just before noon stopping at a thrift store then headed to the Lost Coast Brewery for a tour and tasting.

Lost Coast Brewery 1017161306 Lost Coast Brewery 1017161319
Interesting how few people are needed to brew beer.

Lost Coast Brewery 1017161319a Lost Coast Brewery 1017161320
Their brewery is highly automated.

Lost Coast Brewery 1017161229
Some nice tap handles.

I’m coming down with a cold so we returned home and had Chinese cabbage peanut chicken salad for lunch. I relaxed at home while they visited a bookstore and downtown. They returned with some magic elixir, hot and sour soup for my dinner.

Don on October 16th, 2016

Sunday: (10/16) Breadsticks for breakfast. More heavy rain all morning. We pulled out from Ferndale just before noon headed to Redwood Acres Fairground. Still raining heavily. We settled in to our site and relaxed as it rained. In the afternoon, we visited the Humboldt Cider Mill and sampled all their ciders, 10 of them. We did a little shopping after that. When the rain stopped I hooked up the RV. Unfortunately, the black tank clogged when I tried to drain it. I couldn’t clear it. First time it ever happened. We picked up a cleaning wand and it solved the problem, fortunately, before more rain. Leftover pizza for lunch. Lou made corned beef with baked spuds and broccoli for dinner.
GPS:40.779687, -124.129802;

Don on October 15th, 2016

Saturday: (10/15) Lou made an omelet for breakfast. Today was raining hard most of the day. We did some shopping, and thrifting. Then went to lunch at The Lost Coast Brewery Cafe downtown. Nice brews, fish and chips, and chowder. Then more rain and shopping. Finally, we drove around looking at houses and lots that we might be interested in. Dinner was pizza from Winco Market. They even had a gluten free pizza for Lou.

Don on October 14th, 2016

Friday: (10/14) Pie for breakfast. We looked around the Fields Landing area, visited a thrift store, and then went to lunch at The Cookhouse on the Samoa Peninsula. Another thrift store visit in the afternoon then on to home, all worn out. Leftovers for dinner.

Don on October 13th, 2016

Thursday: (10/13) Late morning. Blintzes and sausage for breakfast. We drove around Ferndale and out to Rio Dell and Scotia. In Scotia we had lunch at the market. Dawn and I shared a torta, Lou had clam chowder.

Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161503 Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161510
After lunch we met a realtor back in Ferndale and went to see a ranch about 1.5 miles SW of town that we were interested in. It had a couple of real fixer upper houses on 200 acres. Seeing it confirmed why it’s been on the market for so long. Probably no mudslide safe building site anywhere on the ranch. It’s been vacant for 20 years since a slide inundated one of the houses. Pretty area though.

Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161523 Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161537
The house and cottage at the ranch. A load of lady bugs in a smoker shed.

Ferndale Ranch Property 1013161547_Pano
Nice views at the ranch.

Arcata Witches Talk 1013161931a_HDR
Lou made asparagus with pork and rice for dinner. In the evening we went up to Arcata to a lecture presented by Humboldt State University on Witches, Sex, and Science in the 16th Century. Excellent speaker presenting a reason why witches were actually scientists and often persecuted for it. The rain had arrived during the talk. A real deluge. We stopped for a quick visit at the Bear River Casino in Loleta on the way home.