Don on October 12th, 2016

Ferndale Fair RV Park 1012161438_Pano
Wednesday: (10/12) We stopped in Garberville for a walk and breakfast at the Bon Bistro & Bakery. We continued on to Eureka with the intent of staying at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds. They had no spaces available at the RV Park there so we returned a little South to the Humboldt Fairgrounds in Ferndale where we got a space. In fact we were one of only a half dozen or so units there. We were warned that there would be a rodeo there that was originally to have been in Redcrest but the rain storm caused them to head indoors here. Chilli and sausage for lunch. We relaxed at home much of the day. Dawn found out about a storytelling event in Fortuna, about 5 miles East, so we headed that way. Dinner at Ray’s Market there. After dinner we went to the storytelling at the Fortuna Library.
GPS: 40.586555, -124.264958

Don on October 11th, 2016

RV Door Lock 1011161012
Tuesday: (10/11) Leftover strawberry pancakes for breakfast. Lou had a dentist appointment. I dashed off to Ideal RV parts in Redwood City looking for a replacement door deadbolt. No luck. When I got home I decided a way to fix the old lock which hopefully lasts a while. Rather than the pushnut that the original used I added a bunch of spacer washers and a screw into the shaft. A little destructive but the pushnut just wasn’t staying on. It’s a little sloppy but works and doesn’t all apart. Hopefully it lasts until a replacement is located. We hit the road North about 1130. We didn’t stop until Santa Rosa at Freidman Brothers Building Product Store. Lou made cheese burgers and we looked around the store. When we departed about 1515 traffic was already bad headed North. We stopped for the night at a rest area North of Willits. Lou made BBQ ribs with corn on the cob and rice.
GPS: 39.584205, -123.445850

Don on October 9th, 2016

Sunday: (010/09) Lou made Strawberry pancakes for breakfast. I tinkered on the computer all morning reprovisioning my server. We had grilled pork and cheese sandwiches for lunch and chips an hummus for dinner. In the afternoon I did some packing for our trip. Dawn was off to her storytelling club. Lou and I watched the second presidential “debate”.  Still amazed Donald is in the race?

Monday: (10/10) Preparing to leave again. I moved the XM radio to the RV and set it up to work with the new radio. i also loaded a couple of SD cards with music and placed one in the RV and one in the Jeep. I also tried to fix the door lock but couldn’t get it to stay together. I’ll have to find a new one that fits, no easy task.Granola for breakfast. Roast pork nachos for lunch. Stuffed tomatoes for dinner.

Don on October 8th, 2016

Saturday: (10/08) Lou made chicken fried steak and eggs with home fried potatoes for breakfast. After that I walked to the train station and headed up to San Francisco. It’s Fleet Week so there were lots of folks there. I did a little walk-about.

San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161132 San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161134c
Walking along Market Street I happened along these street musicians using one of the street pianos. The guy on the white sheet is painting some music, larger format, that I assume the group played later?

San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161357a San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161418
The lines for the US ships were way too long for me but I did tour a Canadian ship. The crew was very helpful answering all my questions. I also visited the Farmers market at the Ferry Building. I found a nice piece of Bourbon Pecan Pie at one of the vendors for lunch. I then hiked up the hill to Coit Tower and watched the Blue angels and other planes in an air show.

San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161420 San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161520
I met one of my fellow hikers there, Anda. She is an avid photographer and probably got some good shots of the Angels.  I got some typical shots.

San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161522 San Francisco Fleet Week 1008161524a
From there I headed down to North Beach to Golden Boy pizza for dinner. A walk through China Town brought me by a Chinese bakery for desert.  I then caught the train home.

Don on October 7th, 2016

Friday: (10/07) A sausage egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I joined a carpool down to Saratoga to Sanborn County Park. We did a 9 mile loop up to Skyline Ridge and back down. I had Chinese lunch at China Wok.

Don on October 3rd, 2016

Monday: (10/03) Lou and i did a shopping run to Grocery Outlet. Then i prepared breakfast, some fried potatoes with eggs and sausage. Tinkering around the house the rest of the day. I prepared enchiladas for dinner. Simple day. Unbelievably, while doing my teeth before bed I washed out half a crown from one of my teeth while water piking.

Tuesday: (10/04) Leftovers for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were busy cleaning house so I did my part and stayed out of the way. We had an appointment in the early afternoon to sign some papers and went to lunch at LUU Noodles after that. I was able to make a dentist appointment for tomorrow. Watched the Vice Presidential “debate” in the evening. Leftover enchiladas for dinner.

Wednesday: (10/05) Dawn made French toast and bacon for breakfast. I had broke the enamel on the inside of one of my crowns. it turns out the crown is fine without it so the dentist just smoothed out the edges and I’ll live with it for a while. Should get several more years out of it. Lou and Dawn came with me and shopped around nearby then we visited Westgate Shopping Center to do more looking. We stopped for a late lunch at Aqui’s Restaurant in Cupertino. A nice nap competed the afternoon. Lou and Dawn had talks to go to in the evening. I drove Dawn to her author talk.

Thursday: (10/06) I was busy much of the day “inspecting’ the City crew installing  new waterline down the street. Leftover Chinese food with roast beast for breakfast. Sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pork Chops with rice and egg plant for dinner.

Don on October 1st, 2016

Saturday: (10/01) Up really early and headed off to San Jose. I stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s. I am attending the Silicon Valley Code Camp. I’ve attended several times but this year I decided to volunteer to help as well. I needed to be at Evergreen Valley College by 0750 to place signs around campus. I also helped serve lunch. Today was pizza. I attended some interesting presentations. I was rewarded for my service with a nice dinner for volunteers and speakers. Nice BBQ from Andy’s BBQ. Nice day.

Sunday: (10/02) Breakfast at A Good Morning. Then I was on to Evergreen College campus in San Jose. I had 4 presentations to attend today. Java Framework comparison, securing web applications, user privacy, and Python. All interesting. Today lunch was burritos, possibly the worst I’ve had but they were free. Dinner was Lou’s beef stew.


Don on September 28th, 2016

Wednesday:  (09/28) Breakfast at Jack In The Box, a nic Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. I was off for a 1000 appointment at the Hyundia dealer for service. It took about three hours to complete and I waited in the waiting room attended a webinar, watched training videos and tinkered on the computer. On the way home I needed lunch so planned to stop at Dim Sum King in Sunnyvale. It so happens that Lou’s Indian Market is next door. We try to minimize car trips so I was given a shopping list to pick up some things at the market. I needed a shopping bag and got one out of the trunk. I found some keys in the bag that belonged in the console so i opened the console and threw the keys inside then locked the car. The dongle doesn’t work to lock the car so i had to press the button on the door. When I was putting my keys back in my pocket i noticed I had the keys that belonged in the console in my hand and the keys to the car must therefore be in the car. They were. I called Lou to come and rescue me and went to get lunch instead of shopping. This is what happens when you don’t follow the rules and look at the keys in your hand before locking the car. Today was much cooler than recent days. Lou made salmon with rice and artichokes for dinner.

Thursday: (09/29) A nice relaxing morning in the yard followed by a late breakfast. Lou prepared peach blintzes and sausage. I spent much on the rest of the day installing the new radio in the RV. I had to stand on my head to get under the dash to connect a wire to the parking brake switch. It’s needed to enable the DVD player video to work only when stopped. I couldn’t get the wire for the backup lights that switches the rear view camera on. I know where it is but it’s in the overhead compartment where the old monitor is and needs to be in the dash now. I also need to get the video signal from the camera to the radio as well. Something for the future. The radio works, the DVD layer works and the bluetooth phone and music work. Quite an upgrade for $130. Tacos for la vry late unch. Cheesecake for dinner.

Don on September 27th, 2016

Tuesday: (09/27) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian, my usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a maple bar. I took the little car and headed up the mountain to the trailhead meeting location. This si my first adventure out in the car and I was half way there at Hwy 280 and Pagemill Road when I noticed the gas tank was empty with the warning light on. 3.5 miles back to th nearest gas station, 7 miles up the mountain to the trailhead. Since I was leading this hike I had to continue up to be on time, and did. i met my fellow hikers and we carpooled the last 7 miles to the actual trailhead for the hike. Even though it was 80 degrees to start and 91 degrees on our return, it never seemed hot and I didn’t even work up a sweat like I usually do? I had 12 fellow hikers for this hike and all made it back with me. None lost. I was able to make it all the way back to El Camino Real before the gas gauge started flashing telling me it really needed some gas. It has a 10 gallon tank and took 9.999 gallons. at the station. I prepared lunch and threw my clothes in the washing machine and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside. The thermometer in front of Ernie’s trailer indicated 120+ degrees but again probably a lie. When the sun wasn’t shining directly on it it read only 85 degrees at 1530. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn went to The Corner Bakery for a salad for lunch. Otherwise they were cleaning house today. BBQ ribs with asparagus for dinner.

Don on September 21st, 2016

Wednesday: (09/21) It started raining about 0200 and continued through the morning. I decided to leave. During a lull in the rain I readied the RV to roll. I departed camp about 0915. I drove over the the Historic estates site  near  the camp. it was raining pretty good so I decided to come back another time. I headed out of town at 0930. I was home about 1500. Lou and Dawn were already home and busy with appointments. Banana and some blueberry muffin stuff for breakfast. Lunch at Xochimilco Cafe, a great Mexican restaurant in downtown Stockton, Ca. Nice beef enchilada and chili relleno. Lou made a pot roast with green beans and baked potatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (09/22) Lou made her portobello mushroom and ham eggs for breakfast. We drove over to Santa Cruz for the day. Dinner at 99 Bottles Of beer Restaurant. In the evening, and the reason we came over, we attended an authors talk at the Santa Cruz Book Store. Craig Johnson, the author of the Longmire series of books and basis of the Longmire TV series, was the speaker. A very funny guy and great speaker.

Friday: (09/23) Breakfast at Bill’s Cafe in Midtown. Cecelia joined us. I was then off to the Jeep dealer for an oil change. It in’t like Jiffy Lube an took 2.5 hours. Free but untimely. I shopped around nearby. On the way home I had Dim Sum for lunch.  I made grilled Gouda cheese pastrami sandwiches for dinner. In the evening we started another binge viewing of the new longmire TV season that was released tonight by Netflix.

Saturday: (09/24) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I received the new radio for the motorhome and opened the box and read the installation manual. I know, odd isn’t it. i opened the dash and removed the old radio and looked at the wiring. it’s too hot today to be in the RV doing this kind of work. Should be cooler an a day or two. High 90′s today and tomorrow. A nice roast bee and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were away all day with rummage sales and a party. In the late afternoon i got the welder out and made a bar with hooks to hang some baskets from the swing. Dinner at Mi Pueblo Market in East Palo Alto. Dawn and I shared a torta Cubano and Lou had beef ribs.

Sunday: (09/25) Leftover hash for breakfast. Another hot day. I puttered in the yard all morning preparing the hanging baskets, pruning the wisteria and other details lie relaxing. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were out to a book sale. I finally came inside about 1400. We binged on some more Longmire episodes. Lou made chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Monday: (09/26) Lou and I were off to do some grocery shopping first thing. Another hot day so I considered it a do nothing day and successfully did nothing.  Lou and Dawn were did a Costco run in the afternoon. Finished the current Longmire series today as well. Later granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou’s smoked corned beef with a green salad and baked beans for dinner.