Thursday: (06/21) Continuing our “Really” theme today our “Big Leak” joins the previous days “Big Dirt Pile”, and “Long Day.” Really?

Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Morning tea under the arbor in the backyard. Ernie pointed out a little problem with my project. There was a water leak the filled much of the excavation. A sprinkler valve was leaking. It’s a little problem that turned into a bigger problem. It will take a while to dry out. There has been a wet spot near the valves that turned into a puddle and now a big leak. I wasn’t able to find the source until now. Lunch was hot fudg sundaes at McDonald’s in Walmart. We needed a couple of things like sauerkraut for dinner. There is usually too much in our pantry but we’ve done a pretty good job of thinning it out.

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