Monday: (06/18) A really big pile of dirt. Ernie delivered a bunch of his special deviled eggs yesterday. I enjoyed four of them for my breakfast this morning.

Wilton Walkway Project Wilton Walkway Dirt Pile
I removed the rest of the dirt from the green house area this morning. The pile of dirt is almost 6 feet tall and 12′ by 8′ at the base. I debated just leaving it in the center of the yard and planting my succulents and cacti on it. I could then name my own mountain. It’s a good thing I am now finished with this phase of the dirt generation. The next batch will go direct into the dumpster. More leftovers for lunch. Vegetable beef with rice soup. Now all the major digging is done and the fine work begins. It’s a good thing too because I was running out of room for more dirt.

Blueberries Giant Zuchini
The blue berries in the front yard planter, though few in number are tasty treats for Lou and Dawn. On the right are a couple of zucchinis from our garden. We normally pick them when they are the size of the smaller 7-8″ long one on the bottom. Today Lou found the huge one above. How it was hiding on that small plant when we had all been picking them and checking for them every couple of days I don’t know. It is very good at hide and seek. It will probably be dinner with sausage in a day or so.

Los Altos Nursury Pond
We went over to the Los Altos Nursury to ask about some problem with our peas and enjoyed a look around the place. The dragon flies were buzzing their pond.

For dinner we took advantage of KFC’s Monday special for chicken and corn.

Tuesday: (06/19) Berry pie for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. I had enchiladas, Lou had Pad Thai. Zucchini with sausage for dinner. I dropped the 92 olvo off to get a smog test. Unfortunately the tester at the Gold Shield (the test and repair) garage I took it to was inop until about noon so I left the car and walked home. I also called to arrange an appointment to get my teeth cleaned and they said come in this afternoon so i did. Unfortunately I have to get another crown replaced. In my spare time I worked in the office.

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