Wednesday: (06/20) This afternoon at approximately 16:30 Summer began. Today was the longest day of the year though it didn’t really seem too long.

I took Lou to an appointment after which we had breakfast at the Country Inn in Cupertino. Lou had steak and eggs and i had Chicken fried steak and eggs. Of course there were Swiss pancakes as well. We did some shopping on the way home. I got a new wheel for my wheelbarrow. Had to replace the blow out. We also stopped at Sprout’s Market for a few things. More leftovers for lunch. Enchiladas for all. i spent the afternoon doing some digging, hopefully the last for a while. I exposed the end of my French drain line which needs to be shortened and reconfigured a little for the new walkway. Dinner was part of the big zucchini with some meatloaf on top and mashed potatoes on top of that. Sort of like a Shepard’s pie but the zucchini was in one piece not little pieces. It was served with an interesting side, carrots and avocado with oranges, lemons and sunflower seeds.

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