Tuesday: (06/26) Morning tea and then breakfast out under the arbor. More leftover sauerkrauted potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. I spent the morning intercepting the French drain. I got it mostly done but needed to go to Home Depot for a piece of pipe. Before leaving I had cottage cheese and apricots from our tree for lunch. My shopping went well but I had driven the old Volvo, since the car does run when it wants to and has been cooperative. It didn’t start when it was time to leave. After an hour or so I called home for a ride. Lou met me and we went to dinner across the street at IKEA. Meatball dinners. We left the car and will return tomorrow to try it again or have it towed home.

Wednesday: (06/27) We started with another trip to Walmart before the crowds arrive. Seems like we go there every day? We then went to breakfast at Joanie’s Cafe on California Street. They relocated last year while we were away and we still haven’t stopped in for breakfast. They make wonderful muffins. I still stray from the gluten free diet but don’t complain too much when it’s applied for dinner choices. I had a huevos rancheros Santa Fe breakfast. Lou had the special omelet with feta cheese and Ernie joined us for eggs Benedict. After breakfast we stopped by Home Depot and tried to start the car. No luck. I wiggled things and waited and tried again many time. It’s a good thing the battery is good. I cranked many times for over an hour last night and more than 30 minutes today. Eventually it started. It may be a loose wire or bad connector at the computer way on the opposite side from the ignition wiring. Odd? Anyway, it ran fine when started. An apple with peanut butter for lunch. I spent the afternoon working in the yard. I put oil and gas in the tamper and tested it. It started easily and works well. I also finished the hookup to the French drain and did some final digging. I started doing the layout for grade. Lou made super nacho chips for dinner.

Thursday: (06/28) Leftovers for breakfast. Brownies with ice cream for lunch. Not much accomplished today. I did try to determine the drainage slopes for the greenhouse area. It’s rather tight to get the slope needed. Meatloaf with baked potatoes and coleslaw for dinner. I baked a couple of apricot pies.

I only picked a few but overestimated how many I needed so I may be baking a couple of more soon. The whole crop is ready so we may need to freeze some soon.

Friday: (06/29) Off to Kaiser early for eye checkups. It was just time for a check. We stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant in Los Altos. I had CFS and eggs while Lou had sausage and eggs. We then stopped at Home Depot then Lowes in Sunnyvale looking for sprinkler valve parts. Lowe’s had the stock of orbit valves and manafold parts for adding another valve and fixing the leaking valve. When we got home it was time for some apricot pie for lunch. I hung around the front of the house in the afternoon. UPS attempted to deliver Dawn’s new laptop yesterday .but didn’t because they said they needed a signature. We were likely in the back yard at the time. Today it arrived about 2:30 and was left without a signature once he “saw” me coming to the door. I’m confused? I spent the afternoon and evening stetting it up for Dawn. Lou mad Shepard’s pie for dinner.I didn’t get outside to work at all today, maybe tomorrow will be more productive?

Saturday: (06/30) Sauerkrauted potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. Another trip to Lowes in the morning. Apricot pie for brunch. Bacon and spinach salad for lunch. I worked on rebooting Dawn’s phone in the afternoon. It looks like it may b a goner. Same problems after rebooting. Leftover Shepperd’s pie and coleslaw for dinner.

Sunday: (07/01) Fresh made peanut banaa ice cream for breakfast. Leftover soup from the freezer for lunch. I tinkered with the sprinklers trying to fix my elusive valve leak and other miner tasks. Dawn had advertised her twin bed matress on Freecycle and a couple of girls came by to get in this afternoon. Hamburgers with fried squash and zuchini for dinner. 

Monday: (07/02) Sauerkrated potatoes wit hsasage and eggs for breakfast.  When I visited the backyard in the morning my personal grand canyon had filled with some water, again. More leaks from the sprinkler vales some time during the night. Why can’t they leak when I’m watching. So, I’m considering relocation the vales now. Not part of my original plan but I don’t want the water continually flowing into the area below the sheds. While I pondered that, we took the new car in for it’s first service at the dealer. They had sent a nice coupon that made their service competivie, even more so since they wasked and vacuumed the car as well.

Dawn’s phone has been acting up for a long time and now is pretty much unusable due to continual restarts. We dropped it off at Best Buy. We bought their waranty which covers everything. It isn’t as easy as it should be to get them to do something but they now have the phone and it should be back in a week or so. So Dawn gets my phone for a while and I will be phoneless. Of course that means I also don’t have a watch, a GPS, or any of the other uses of my trusty phone.

We stopped at Sweet Tomatoes salad restaurant for lunch. KFC chicken and corn specials for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/03) Lou mad green smoothies with bananas, kale, zuchiuni, oranges, carrots and who knows what else for breakfast. I’m afraid I cheated. I wanted to make sure the breakfast lasted so I added a sausage to my breakfast. I had a dentist appointment to replace a crown this morning.

Lou paid a visit to Safeway, our usual staples market. We recently joined their Just For You online site. It is supposed to give memenrs access to specials without the need for coupons. It doesn’t work. We’ve tried several times to use it and it hasn’t worked yet. We have to believe it is “our” problem. It appears to be a scheme. It’s kind of odd to have three tier pricing, regular, club and members prices. My personal preference is to not utilize any of these scemes and just shop at stores that charge oen price, the lowest price. So Safeway may not be seeing much of us in the future.
I returned home and drove Lou to a doctor’s appointment. On the way home about 3pm, my mouth was almost ready to return to normal and I stopped drooling so we stopped at Chevy’s Fresh Mexican retaurant for “lunch.” We shared a Chevy’s Cinco. I was ready for a nap when we got home so another day of not doing any real work can be logged. 
Dinner was a slice of apricot pie.
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