Sunday: (06/17) Father’s Day.

Spider Web
We enjoyed morning tea out at the arbor, as usual. This spider web on one of the chairs in the arbor looked interesting with the sun shining through it. Not your typical spider. More of a sketch artist. Maybe a doodle bug bread with a spider?

Lou made my favorite breakfast, corned beef hash. She doesn’t goof around either. She cooked a real corned beef brisket unlike my canned meat method. For lunch we went to LUU noodle house and had Pad Thai. Leftover enchiladas for breakfast with rice and beans.

After breakfast I tested my back by doing some more dirt moving digging out the green house floor for the new walkway paving. It worked well. It was hot though so I stopped about 11am. The rest of the day was spent tinkering with the computer.

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