Saturday: (06/16) Dawn and Lou suspect they are reacting to wheat so they have been moving toward getting rid of gluten from our diet. To make things simpler, I have joined them. So today all the existing stock of wheat based pasta and regular flour are gone. We have found good rice based pasta and some good recipes for bread and pastry so we wont be suffering.

I had the leftover fried potatoes an a sausage for breakfast. Lou and Dawn had berries and yogurt. I picked some pore berries to restore the quantity I needed for two pies. We went downtown to visit a couple of garage sales, one at Courtney’s place of employment.

Glutin Free Berry Pie
When we returned home, Dawn provided a recipe for rice based pastry dough which I used to bake two berry pies. They turned out really well. Lou made shrimp salads for lunch.

For dinner I made beef chorizo enchiladas with Spanish rice and Refried beans.

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