Wolfies Ramp
Monday: (07/30) We were busy returning to @home mode and cleaning the house today. In the afternoon we met with a potential estate planner. We got to see Wolfie’s new ramp all painted and with the roofing for anti slip. Lou made a nice sausage and eggs with hash browned potatoes for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/31) Lou made a shopping run this morning while I worked in the office. We made a run down to the San Jose house and stuffed some things in the attic there. We also piled all the things that needed to be returned into the car as well and returned them to the appropriate  stores.  Purple slime for breakfast. Purple because of some berries added to our smoothies. Lunch at LUU noodle house. Lou had a pad Thai and I had the chow fun. Lou prepared corned beef with baked potatoes and fresh asparagus for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/01) I’ve been relaxing my back for the past couple of weeks but today I went back to work on the backyard walkway. I moved about 4 loads of rock to do some additional leveling in the greenhouse area and ran the tamper over it. Then, trying not to over do it on my first day back, I started reinstalling the rear flower bed sprinkler valves. I got the flower bed dug out for the pull box and removed a couple of the large concrete blocks used for the flower bed retaining wall that needed to be moved to intercept the water lines. If moving the 2-300 pound blocks doesn’t bother my back, I may be OK now.  Lou did the grocery shopping. A very vegetable day. Green slime for breakfast. Ham and peppers salad for lunch. Zucchini soup with gluten free toast for dinner

Rear Sprinkler Valves
Thursday: (08/02) I spent the day completing the re-installation of the rear flower beds sprinkler valves. It’s now all back-filled and the concrete wall is reinstalled and sprinklers tested. Granola with banana for breakfast. Salami and cheese for lunch. Steak with rice and fried green tomatoes for dinner.

Arbor Fountain With New Sprinkler Valves Lower Right
Friday: (08/03) I reinstalled the sprinkler valves around the arbor area today. A few years ago I consolidated all but one of the sprinkler valves in the back yard by the green house. The new walkway necessitated the relocation of the valves away from the greenhouse and those valves are now in two locations. Hopefully they spend the rest of their lives in their new locations and NEVER need relocation again. Peanut butter granola and banana for breakfast again. Stuffed tomatoes with tuna for lunch. Roasted vegetables with wieners for dinner.

Saturday: (08/04)  Lou and Dawn are off to their rummage and garage sales. They had purple slime for breakfast. I, on the otherhand, took a walk down to the San Antonio Mall area and looked for a nice breakfast. I wanted something different. There was always the “A Good Morning” restaurant but I was still looking. I took a look at Esther’s German Bakery and Cafe and found they had some very interesting breakfasts. I had their special platter which was two eggs, a fried beef hash patty a German sausage and a latka with apple sauce. All the items had German names that I forget. All very good. The hash patty was distinctive. Definetly a place to return to. I returned home on the bus and finally got to use my new Clipper Card for the bus fare. Leftover KFC biscuits with honey for lunch. I tinkered in the back yard the rest of the afternoon. I installed some sprinkler pipes along the walkway edge and routed the sprinkler control cable permanently. I had just tacked it together last night. I also layed out the drain trench. Lou made chow fun noodles with tofu for dinner.

Sunday: (08/05) Gluten free strawberry waffles with sausage for breakfast.  For lunch, a carnitas burrito at La Victoria Restaurant in Redwood City while I was out on a shopping trip to Redwood Supply, a camping suppy store. I also stopped by Home Depot for some sprinkler parts.

Key Bricks
After finishing the installation of the lawn sprinklers that were relocated by the walkway I finally couldn’t put it off any more and started installing some bricks. Only the first two bricks but it is a start. Leftover chow fun noodles and vegetables for dinner.

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